List of Virtual Travel Destinations and What Features

List of Virtual Travel Destinations and What Features

The drive to keep going and traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic is still high. Even though flight routes and road trips are limited, there are many ways to complete the tour’s passion.

One of them by taking a virtual tour held by museums, attractions, parks, to the botanical garden. Both outside and inside the country.

These virtual tours are free, some are paid. There are also tour providers that create content using virtual reality applications and tools, such as Ascape, which is popular on YouTube.

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The company that owns Ascape applications reported that users and downloaders of their applications have increased by 60 percent since the end of last year until now. Although only a walk in cyberspace, at least the photos of the scenery presented are quite refreshing to the eye.

What are some interesting virtual tours to visit? Here is the list.
This site contains museums, culture and nature catalogs in the form of audio-visuals and virtual tours. Visitors just need to access the site and choose museums that they want to go to virtually. Some museums that can be explored using interactive 360-degree photos include:

Triggers Phenomena of Coastal Floods and High Sea Waves

• RI National Museum
• Republic of Indonesia’s Presidential Museum
• Museum of the Asian-African Conference
• Indonesian Maritime Museum
• Sri Baduga Museum
• Kasepuhan Cirebon
• Bank Indonesia Museum

Bogor Botanical Garden
The Bogor Botanical Gardens virtual tour is provided by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences as the manager of the Botanical Gardens. This tour was available since October last year on the website in the form of audio-visual and interactive 360-degree photos. Photos are also equipped with an information button which when clicked will display interesting data and information about the location seen by visitors.

JKT Good Guide

This scheduled and paid virtual tour was initiated by the JKT Good Guide tour community. Participants are invited to tour locations such as the Old City of Jakarta, Monas, to a number of popular coffee shops in the Capital City.
The tour is carried out using the Google Street application, complete with guides who will give participants an explanation via the Zoom application. Schedules and ways to take a tour can be seen on Instagram @jktgoodguide.

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Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

Using the live streaming application on the Instagram application, the manager of the Taman Impian Jaya Ancol area held a virtual tour in the form of video. Visitors are invited to take a walk in a number of recreational locations in Ancol, such as Ancol Beach and Ocean Dream Samudra. The video also comes with an explanation by the guide. This tour is not done every day. To find out the schedule, visitors can access the Instagram account @ancoltamanimpian.

Tourism Train

PT Kereta Api Indonesia’s subsidiary, PT Kereta Api Pariwisata, also conducts virtual tours to a number of attractions in several cities. KA Tourism has already held two scheduled and paid tours, with locations in the Semarang Lawang Sewu building and in Yogyakarta.

Costs paid by participants will be partly donated to communities affected by the corona virus. Tours are organized using the Zoom application with limited participants. Information for taking a tour can be seen on Instagram @kawisata.

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Machu Picchu

A virtual tour to the UNESCO World Heritage site, Machu Picchu in Pegunungn Andes, Peru, without walking outside. The tour is conducted through interactive photo spheres which will be very optimal if viewed using a virtual reality device. Can be accessed free at the address

Louvre Museum

Without paying for airplane tickets and jostling with other visitors, you can see original Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting through the mobile screen. There are also thousands of other collections from this museum located in Paris, France.
Visitors can choose the room in the museum that they want to visit. The virtual tour is also equipped with a navigation map so that visitors can be satisfied exploring each room. This tour can be accessed on the site

Distance Education is the Solution in the New Normal Era

3-Minute Tour, Tokyo

Before the pandemic, Tokyo was one of the most popular international destinations for Indonesians. Those of you who miss visiting the Japanese capital can easily get around Tokyo while sitting at home. Not only traveling around the city, visitors can feel the daily atmosphere in Tokyo complete with the activities of its citizens. This virtual tour is provided by an official Japanese government tourism agency in the form of a video uploaded on the YouTube Visit Japan channel. The tour will be more maximally enjoyed using a device or special virtual reality glasses.


Visiting the holy city of the Vatican in Rome, Italy, made easy thanks to the official site On this site anyone can look at the beauty of architecture and historic monuments in the Pope’s residence. Visitors can even enter the Sistine Chapel and Raphael’s Room which is famous for the beauty of the artwork in it.


Outside of the pandemic, the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, is a very popular tourist destination. Here is the Parthenon Temple and the famous Dionysus Theater. Not only presented in the form of interactive photos and videos, the tour was also enriched with information and historical stories related to the location. The tour can be accessed at

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