Distance Education is the Solution in the New Normal Era

Distance Education is the Solution in the New Normal Era

Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko said distance education was the best solution in the application of teaching and learning systems in the new normalcy era. According to him, almost 100 percent of Indonesia’s territory has been reached with infrastructure that supports the distance learning process implemented properly.

“At the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, we realized that distance education has extraordinary meaning.” Said Moeldoko while speaking as a keynote speaker at the UT Alumni Association (IKA) Webinar with the theme “Distance Education as the Role of the Main Learning Models in the Era new normal “, in Jakarta, Wednesday (3/6).

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Moeldoko said that to go to Indonesia Forward, HR development was one of the agendas carried out by the government. In this case, character education is a priority mandated by President Joko Widodo.

As is known, one of the focus of the current government is the development of superior human resources through character education. For this reason, there needs to be an evaluation to measure the extent of the transformation of education in distance education methods.

Moeldoko, who is also a class of 2001 student at the Open University, said that Open University has applied distance education for a long time. This shows that Open University thinking has gone far beyond imagination.

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Moeldoko said that technology empowerment was needed to support the distance learning process.

In this case, almost 100 percent of Indonesia’s territory has been reached with fiberoptic telecommunications infrastructure, thus, the distance learning process can be implemented well.

Furthermore, he said that currently, with the process of education or learning at home. Parents have more role in monitoring the character development of children. While the teacher’s role in giving assignments in the context of character education is done remotely or online.

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“In the distance learning process, it is important to pay attention to infrastructure, media, and the ability to control educators. So there must be an instrument set up by the teacher as a means of controlling the development of students who are currently studying at home,” he explained.

Moeldoko also emphasized that distance education is a new role model in the Covid-19 pandemic era. “UT has proven this process. UT needs to develop new instrument models in providing tighter control in the process of transforming science. How to measure and monitor it,” he said.

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