After New Normal Corona Virus Import Case Increases

After New Normal Corona Virus Import Case Increases

South Korea is one of the countries outside China that first confirmed the corona virus or Covid-19. But South Korea has a number of ways to stop the transmission of the virus. Such as increasing the number of people tested, information disclosure, and others. Although judged to have succeeded, the number of cases in South Korea is still increasing and now the cases reach more than 10,000 cases.

Reporting from the Korea Herald, Friday (3/4/2020), there were 10,062 cases in the country of ginseng. New cases reported are 86 cases. A total of 42 cases were reported in and around Seoul. According to the KCDC, the total number of imported cases imported to the country increased to 647 cases. Of the total reported cases, 6,021 people have fully recovered.

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But 174 people died and 3,867 people were quarantined for treatment. Although the case of South Korea reached more than 10,000, but the increase in cases tends to be stable. This virus spreads in South Korea with its headquarters in Daegu. The place reported only 9 new cases on Friday.

For the first time the increase is only 1 digit in the last 45 days.

South Korean policy When the case began to approach 10,000, South Korea implemented a number of policies. Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun said on Friday (3/4/020) that he hoped the influx of foreign virus cases would soon be controlled.

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“For now, the number of cases will increase according to people coming from abroad. But the infection will not spread if it blocks them from contact with the community,” he said. Starting Wednesday (1/4/2020), South Korea requires all migrants from outside the country for quarantine for 14.

In addition, South Korea will also expand its social tightening efforts amid increasing mass infections and new cases of corona virus imports.The government launched a campaign to keep a safe distance, delay meetings, avoid crowds, and work from home to minimize contact. It was valid for 2 weeks from March 22 to April 5.

But officials hinted at the possibility of extending the period, the government plans to announce it Saturday (4/4/2020). relax the policy, saying that stopping the policy or making it easier can help caused an increase in cases.

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