Triggers Phenomena of Coastal Floods and High Sea Waves

Triggers Phenomena of Coastal Floods and High Sea Waves

DENPASAR – Central Bureau of Climatology and Geophysics Meteorology (BMKG) Region III Denpasar, Bali urges the public to be aware of the phenomenon of flooding in the coastal or tidal areas predicted to occur on 27 – 28 May 2020.

“For the rob incident that occurred in several coastal areas bordering the Indian Ocean due to the existence of a persistent low pressure system in western Australia,” said Head of Data and Information Center for BMKG Region III Denpasar Iman Faturahman when contacted in Denpasar, Wednesday (27) / 5/2020).

He explained that strong winds in the system caused high waves that could reach the west coast of Lampung, the southern coast of Java to NTB.

In addition, the event coincided with the period of tides (new moon phase) so that both factors triggered coastal flooding (rob).

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He said it was estimated that coastal flooding could occur again, because in some beaches in Bali there were tides during the day. This event can occur on all beaches, especially low beaches, but for some beaches with high cliffs it is relatively safe.

“From a report that had occurred on one of the beaches in Badung that tide occurred at 12.00 WITA and when the afternoon the sea was back to normal,” he said.

Under these conditions BMKG Region III Denpasar asks the public to be aware of high waves in the waters of Bali – NTB.

First, the sea wave height of 1.25-2.5 meters is likely to occur in the northern Lombok Strait. Second, be aware of 2.5-4.0 meters high sea waves that have the opportunity to occur in the southern Bali Strait, Badung Strait, southern Lombok Strait, southern Alas Strait. Thirdly watch out for ocean waves 4.0-6.0 meters in the South Indian Ocean of Bali-NTB.

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“For the current wave conditions, from our modeling the height is 1-5 meters. Meanwhile, to ensure that the wave height in the field can be checked at the Navy Hydrographic and Oceanographic Center (Pushidrosal) through their ‘tide gauge’ tools,” he said.

As for the activity of going to sea, he said, with waves above 2 meters, it has actually begun to be risky, but it depends on the capacity of the ship used, namely how many gross tons (GT).

Pushidrosal sources were asked to be aware of coastal flooding that is predicted to occur on the west coast of Lampung, the southern coast of Java, the southern coast of Bali and the south coast of NTB, said Faith Faturahman.

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