Welcoming Bali’s New Era, Bali Becomes New Normal Tourism Trial Destination

Welcoming Bali's New Era, Bali Becomes New Normal Tourism Trial Destination

The world is said to be entering a new era, namely New Normal. This condition is caused by the corona virus pandemic which changes the world order, which focuses more on health aspects. All industrial sectors in the world are preparing their respective Operational Procedural Standards (SOPs) to be able to adapt in that era.

One of them is the tourism sector. Indonesia itself has the world’s favorite tourist destination, Bali. As a destination that is often a choice for foreign tourists, Bali is in the midst of getting ready to welcome New Normal.

However, according to Deputy Governor of Bali, Tjokorda Oka Artha or commonly called Cok Ace argues. In the context of Bali, New Normal will be called the New Era of Bali or Bali’s New Era.

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“In the context of Bali, I do not call it New Normal, but I call it the New Era of Bali, which will change the paradigm of tourism in the future,” said Cok Ace in the Indonesia Tourism Forum teleconference, Friday (05/15/2020). He said, at that time, Bali would enter a new era focusing on health protocols in the tourism industry.

Therefore, Bali tourism will prioritize basic matters such as cleanliness, health, and safety. “Cleanliness, health, and safety are needed to minimize the anxiety of people infected with the virus. So health care will be the main condition,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Government of Bali is currently focusing on handling Covid-19 cases. And on the other hand, the provincial government of Bali is also collaborating with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) to develop a new tourism protocol. The cooperation will not only be in the form of protocol but will be tested directly in Bali.

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“Bali has a good handling. So we want to work with the Government of Bali and I think Bali is very strategic at this point,” Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Wishnutama Kusubandio said in a teleconference held by the Indonesia Tourism Forum (ITF), Friday (5/15) / 2020).

He continued, Kemenparekraf has been communicating with the Deputy Governor of Bali for the implementation of the tourism protocol. “We will discuss about the implementation like what. How do we do the simulation, how do we do the socialization, how do we experiment and test it,” he explained

In addition, Cok Ace also said that Bali was ready to meet the requirements to be a destination that could be visited after the pandemic. This happened because according to him, Bali had a better recovery rate for Covid-19 patients compared to other provinces.

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“The recovery rate of Covid-19 patients reaches 65 percent. This is the best compared to other provinces,” he explained. Until May 12, 2020, he reported data on about 328 positive cases of Covid in Bali. The 215 of them recovered, and four people died.

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