A Number of Beaches in Bali Opened for Foreign Tourists, Local Residents Not Yet Allowed in

Badung Regency Government, Bali, began to open access to a number of beaches for tourists, Monday (1/6/2020). Head of Badung Tourism Office I Made Badra said access to the beach was only given to foreign tourists who wanted to surf or surf. While tourists who want to sunbathe or just play on the beach are still not permitted.

At present it has only opened two beaches, namely Canggu Beach and Labuan Sait Beach. “We opened two beaches, namely Labuan Sait and Canggu because the waves were really liked by the surfer,” Badra said when contacted.

Bali Tourism Opened October 2020, What about the COvid-19 Protocol?

Badra said that local residents have not been allowed to enter the beach. This is because these foreign tourists have been asked to stay at home for three months until many claim to be stressed or depressed.

“They have been stressed for three months at home. We have relaxed a little, but they have to follow the protocol through the balawista checkpoints and from the village Task Force in the two places,” he said.

Before entering the beach, these foreign tourists will be checked for body temperature and must wear a mask. If the body temperature is known to be high, then immediately taken to the nearest health center for examination.

Bali Tourism Opened October 2020, What about the COvid-19 Protocol?

To local residents, he asked to be patient and refrain if you want to go to the beach. Currently it is preparing a protocol in tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants to welcome new normalcy or new normal.

This is to anticipate if the central or provincial government will allow all tourism objects to be opened. “I beg local residents to refrain because there is still time yes we enjoy the beach. Love tourists for the image first,” he said.

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