Singapore Now Records The 3rd Most Corona Case in Asia

Singapore now records the 3rd most Corona case in Asia

As reported by Bloomberg and The Star, Monday (4/27/2020). The Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) announced 931 new cases throughout Sunday (4/26) local time. Total cases of Corona virus in this country reached 13,624 cases.

The majority of Corona virus cases in Singapore occur among migrant workers who live close to one another in special dormitories for foreign workers. This triggered a setback in Singapore’s initial success in controlling the Corona virus pandemic in its region.

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This number defeated Japan and made Singapore the third country with the most cases in Asia, after China (83,912 cases) and India (27,890 cases).

Meanwhile, as many as 11,241 cases were in isolation and treated at local community facilities. These cases on average show mild or clinically healthy but positive symptoms of the Corona virus.

The death toll from the Corona virus in Singapore is listed as one of the lowest in the world, reaching a total of 12 people.

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At present 1,060 Corona virus patients have been recovered and have been discharged from hospitals or isolation facilities in Singapore.

About 1,311 other patients are still undergoing treatment at the hospital, with most of them in stable condition. At least 22 Corona virus patients are reported to be in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit.

Singapore, which has a population of 5.7 million. Extended the lockdown or the so-called circuit breaker (CB) in its territory until June 1. During CB, all schools and non-essential business centers are temporarily closed. Migrant workers were isolated in their dormitories.

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