America Will Demand Compensation To China Because of Corona

America Will Demand Compensation To China Because of Corona

The corona virus originating from Wuhan, China has now infected 3,064,225 people worldwide. Where the death rate reached 211,537 and recovered 922,387 people. Of the total cases, 1,010,356 exist in the US. This makes the country the country with the most corona cases in the world.

The US also has the highest death rate from COVID-19 in the world, reaching 56,797 cases. Meanwhile, there are 138,990 patients recovering in the US, according to Worldometers.

China rejects International Inquiry into the Corona Virus’s Origins

United States President Donald Trump US President Donald Trump indicated that he might demand compensation from the Chinese government for the Corona virus pandemic that began in the city of Wuhan, China and spread throughout the world.

Trump even stated the number of demands could be greater than what was mentioned by a leading German media editor who recently asked China to pay compensation to Germany worth US $ 165 billion or around Rp 2,475 trillion to cover German economic losses due to COVID-19.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube And Google Delete Videos About Corona Conspiracy

“We are not happy with China,” Trump told reporters at the White House as reported by the AFP news agency on Tuesday (4/28/2020).

“We are not happy about the whole situation because we believe this can be prevented at the source,” Trump said.

However Trump said he could not determine the final amount of the compensation costs.

This Corona Mutation is Far More Virulent Than the First Wuhan Virus

“This is very substantial.” Trump said. “This is the destruction of the world. This is the destruction of the United States, but this is also the destruction of the world.”

“There are many ways you can hold them accountable,” Trump said. “We are conducting a very serious investigation as you may know,” he said.

“It can be stopped quickly and it will not spread throughout the world,” he added.

Pets in the US are infected with Corona Virus

Trump said that when questioned about a recent German newspaper editorial, which urged China to pay Germany $ 165 billion in compensation for economic damage caused by the Corona virus.

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