Is It True That China Stole the US Corona Virus Vaccine?

Is It True That China Stole the US Corona Virus Vaccine?

China is accused of actively trying to steal the new corona virus vaccine (COVID-19) from the United States (US).

This accusation was made by Arkansas, US Senator Tom Cotton.

“In the midst of a pandemic, what is the most valuable intellectual property in the world? This is research conducted by large laboratories and our life science companies about prophylactic drugs. Therapeutic drugs, and finally vaccines,” he said.

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“The Chinese Communist Party has stolen American intellectual property for decades and they will not miraculously stop in the middle of a pandemic.” Cotton told Fox News in the Sunday Morning Futures program.

Furthermore, Senator Cotton accused China of releasing COVID-19 – a virus believed to originate in the city of Wuhan. Beijing wants to claim credit for the vaccine and use it as a lever against the whole world.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube And Google Delete Videos About Corona Conspiracy

If Chinese students want to come here and learn Shakespeare & the Federalist Papers. That’s what they need to learn from America.

They don’t need to learn quantum computing,” he said, proposing restrictions on Chinese students to study science and technology at American universities.

“I think we need to pay attention to the visas we give to Chinese citizens who come to the US to study,” he said. “Especially at the postgraduate level in the scientific and advanced technology.”

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China has not yet commented on the allegations. Beijing itself previously claimed that the COVID-19 vaccine they developed would be ready to be distributed to medical workers next September. However, the vaccine will only be available to the public early next year.

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