Rob Landa Flood in South Coast of Bali, BMKG Appeals to Reduce Activities at Sea

Rob Landa Flood in South Coast of Bali, BMKG Appeals to Reduce Activities at Sea

Tidal floods or rising sea water hit the Kuta Beach area, Kuta District, Badung on Wednesday (5/27) afternoon.

Sea water rises and overflows onto the highway. At the time of the incident, there was no striking activity around the coast, so it did not cause anything undesirable. The phenomenon of rising tides is expected to last until Thursday (5/28) afternoon.

Bendesa Adat Kuta I Wayan Wasista explained, Kuta Beach area on Wednesday afternoon experienced rob or rising sea water. In fact, the sea water overflowed up to Jalan Raya Kuta or about 15 meters from Kuta Beach.

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When the sea water rises, there is no activity along the coast. The reason is, since the ban on activities related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the beach has been officially closed.

“The events are estimated to start at 11:00 to 12:30 pm. Yes, sea water overflows to the highway. But it is not until there are motorists who are affected, “said Wasista.

Related to the sea water that spilled over onto the highway, Wasista said it was not something rare. But it often happens every year. Usually, he continued, the rising sea events only lasted for one hour and a maximum of two hours. During the rising sea water, traders and visitors are advised to stay away from the beach area.

“This has become an annual phenomenon. Because it always happens. To anticipate things that are not desirable, we always notify all tourists and traders along Kuta Beach. But, this time there is no activity anymore, “said Wasista. He acknowledged that the rising sea water at Kuta Beach this time was smaller than the previous year.

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Head of Data and Information Center for the Center for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BBMKG) Region III Denpasar, Iman Fatchurochman, explained that the tidal wave event took place in two days, 27 May and 28 May 2020. This tidal flood was triggered by wave activity and high rainfall. . So that it can affect the dynamics of the coastal area.

“For the phenomenon of tidal flooding in Bali, it has occurred on the southern coast of Bali. Sea water rises from normal, even to land as happened in Kuta Beach on Wednesday (5/27) afternoon. However, it only happened in a span of 1 to 2 hours, “said Iman when confirmed separately.

In addition to rainfall and high waves, a contributing factor to this is the low pressure system in Western Australia. So that strong winds that are under pressure that causes high waves starting from the southern coast of Java to South Bali. This tidal flood event also coincided with the tidal period or the new moon phase, thus triggering a wave of coastal flooding.

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“From the analysis that in the past week the waves were quite high also in the waters of South Bali which reached 6 meters. This is also one of the triggers for tidal floods, “said Iman.

Faith hopes that the community will pay attention to conditions when doing activities on the beach, and consider traveling using sea transportation modes, and always pay attention to any plea from his side. Even for the fishermen who are still active and at sea in order to always be vigilant.

“This extreme weather forecast is for the next three days. We always analyze and update every monitoring result to the public. Of course, the information we provide is expected to prevent the occurrence of undesirable things, “said Faith

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