Many irregularities in the death of ABK on the Long Xi Chinese Ship

Many irregularities in the death of ABK on the Long Xi Chinese Ship

 The Indonesia Ocean Justice Initiative (IOJI) assessed that there were many irregularities in the deaths of four Indonesian crew or crew working on the Chinese flag, Long Xin 629. They encouraged investigations and law enforcement to be carried out to uncover this case.

“A thorough investigation must be carried out by the Governments of China and Indonesia to be able to find definitive answers regarding these matters by utilizing the legal provisions of mutual legal assistance [MLA] and / or extradition,” said IOJI Chief Executive Officer, Mas Achmad Santosa in a written statement, Friday May 8, 2020.

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Until now, the exact location of the crew has not been known yet. This makes it difficult to be able to determine whether or not the body is banned.

Some things that need to be considered, Achmad said. Were whether the captain and the crew had done their best to be able to store the corpse properly to be brought ashore.

And whether the ban had been carried out in accordance with the International Medical Guide.

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“One thing that is certain, the absence of the body has eliminated the opportunity to be able to carry out an autopsy, and this could have implications for the law enforcement process,” Achmad said.

He said this could not be used as an excuse to rule out legal proceedings that focused on matters that caused the death of the crew. Some of them are how the captain of the ship treats the crew, working hours and rest hours, the feasibility of food and drinks provided, and others.

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Achmad also said that the investigation and investigation must be carried out at least for three labor recruitment agents who dispatched ABK Long Xin.

“This investigation and investigation should be carried out thoroughly so that all parties involved cannot be separated from the snares of the law.” Not limited to: physical actors, legal entities, beneficial owners, controllers and / or government officials,

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