Changes in the World of Science and Technology Corona Virus

Changes in the World of Science and Technology Corona Virus

Corona virus pandemic is predicted to change human life forever. The world of technology is not immune from this change.

As many as 34 experts from various fields were consulted and analyzed by the American online political magazine, One area that is discussed is science and technology.

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The question is how the corona virus will change the world of science, technology and human digital life going forward. As seen on detikINET, Thursday (3/26/2020) there were 8 science and technology experts who spoke up to discuss 7 things that would undergo changes as follows:

Rules that hold the online way will be destroyed

During this time, there are still some rules that prevent some procedures and mechanisms in the field of community life, so they are not done online. For example, several types of monthly bills, bureaucratic rules and others.

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But according to Reason magazine’s chief editor, Katherine Mangu-Ward, corona outbreaks inevitably make people switch everything online. Bureaucratic rules that have been asking for face-to-face meetings between the public and the government or certain parties, cannot be maintained anymore.

One of them is school. Homeschooling and e-learning have so far been hit by bureaucratic problems. With the corona virus outbreak, there is no longer any reason to withhold distance education. A number of public services from the government were also finally made fully online in several countries.

The US economy is at its lowest point, minus 9 percent because of Corona

Digital life is healthier

Professor Sherry Turkle of MIT United States and author of Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age makes an analysis that the COVID-19 pandemic makes digital life healthier.

People who spend time with their gadgets start thinking of looking for better benefits. Some examples of cellist Yo-Yo Ma make daily concert posts for netizens. Broadway singer Laura Benanti asked the music performer at the school to cancel, send the show to her.

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Many yoga experts offer free online classes and the like. If this continues according to Sherry Turkle, then humans will inherit positive new habits.

Virtual reality is increasingly popular

President of Vassar College, Elizabeth Bradley said virtual reality will increasingly have a place in people’s hearts. This is logical, when we are isolated, quarantined or alone, VR offers us the experience of ‘going’ to other places virtually.

This is the Final Prediction of Corona Virus Outbreak in Various Countries in the World

Elizabeth imagines VR will develop to help people socialize and help mental health of people who isolate themselves. For example with a VR device, we can meet people in classrooms or virtual citizen meetings and this gives a positive psychological thing.

The era of telemedicine revival

The head of the department of medical ethics and health policy at the University of Pennsylvania, Ezekiel J Emanuel believes the corona outbreak is the beginning of a revival of telemedicine. Remote clinics replace conventional clinics that are overwhelmed by a pandemic.

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Patients can maintain themselves in a controlled environment, but can video call with the doctor, without having to wait in the waiting room and away from other patients who can infect or even be critical.

Various medical applications now offer online doctor consultations with certified doctors. Prescriptions and medicines can be sent by courier. The drawback might be that doctors cannot examine their patients directly.

China Klime Vaccine For Corona Is Ready This September

Science is glorified again

YIMBY Law Director Sonja Traus said science had experienced degradation in the current era. The definition of truth becomes very political, depending on certain political forces. Even industries such as oil and gas and tobacco often reject the results of scientific research which is considered detrimental to them.

There are people who actually believe the earth is flatter than real astronomy. In the initial situation, the presence of the corona virus was also accused as part of a political conspiracy. You feel that too right?

Economic Impacts Due to Corona Predicted to Surpass the 2008 Crisis

However, as corona outbreaks intensified, eventually people flocked to return to true science. They asked for a return to true scientific research. What scientists have done, what is germ theory, and learned about exponential growth graphs about the number of positive people who have exploded corona.

Sonja predicts that for the next 35 years, people will again appreciate the expertise of scientists, especially in the field of public health and epidemics.

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Twilight when Social Justice Warrior

Related to predictions about healthier digital life after the corona virus outbreak, there are also predictions that the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) phenomenon will change. This was said by Director of Vote Common Good Strategy, Amy Sullivan.

The corona virus pandemic has made religious people worship in new ways to avoid transmission. It encourages humans to be more connected virtually.

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Contemplative activities and life contemplation will increase. As a result, there will be a saturation point towards the actions of Social Justice Warriors who have been defining their own version of truth.

When all people suffer, are isolated and worship long distances, this is really not the moment to be a truly righteous netizen. People need empathy and real action, not lectured anymore.

Virtual governance

Ethan Zuckerman is an associate professor at MIT, Director of the Center for Civic Media and author of Digital Cosmopolitans: Why We Think the Internet Connects Us, Why It Doesn’t, and How to Rewire It. He argues after the corona virus outbreak, get ready for virtual governance.

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The corona outbreak caused DPR members to not get together to prevent transmission. In America alone, DPR members have tested positive for COVID-19. Managing governance virtually is now the solution that is thought of.

Technology is used so that members of the council and government can continue to work without face to face. Meanwhile, the pioneering startup Democracy Live, Joe Brotherton added, related to this virtual government, electronic elections will also become a new trend.

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Voting to elect MPs or regional heads, will be safer from disease outbreaks if the polling station is made virtual. But electronic elections require a mobile device that is safe, transparent and effective in terms of cost and qualified technology. change-the world-sciences-and-technology-results-virus-corona/3

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