Bill Gates Continues to Criticize America About Corona Virus

Bill Gates Defends the Chinese and American Critics about Corona

Quite a lot of people blame China for the Corona pandemic that is currently sweeping the world. For example, they were suspected of covering up the plague at first. But according to Bill Gates, that is not fair.

“China did many things right at first, like other countries where the virus first appeared,” Gates said in a recent interview with CNN and was quoted as saying.

“They avoid the extraordinary economic ‘sickness’. I think there are a lot of things that are unfair and incorrectly said (about them),” added the man who was among the most vocal in voicing his opinion regarding COVID-19.

Bill Gates Defends the Chinese and American Critics about Corona

In fact, the founder of Microsoft criticized his own country in dealing with the corona pandemic. Compared to other countries, according to him, American policy is not good enough.

“It is sad that even the US that you expect to do this well, is in bad condition,” he said.

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Gates also threw a defense at WHO. As is known, United States President Donald Trump has stopped funding to the UN health agency because it is considered incompetent to handle the corona pandemic and overly defended China.

Gates said the WHO did something phenomenal. In addition, according to him, it is not China that is most closely related to WHO but rather with America. On the other hand, many Americans also work for WHO.

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“We do see things that WHO should be able to do better, like all the actors in the big picture. But WHO has strong connections with one country, that country is America,” he explained.

“Many CDC people (US health agencies) are there, also former CDC people, there is no UN agency more connected to a country than WHO with the CDC,” he said.

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