Iran’s Mahan Airline is Allegedly Spreading Corona Virus in the Middle East

Iran's Mahan Airline is Allegedly Spreading Corona Virus in the Middle East

An Iranian airline reportedly flew passengers infected with the corona virus to Iraq and Lebanon and in the region between Iran and China. Triggering the spread of the virus throughout the Middle East.

Mahan Air, a private company linked to the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), still flew to China and elsewhere for weeks after Tehran officially banned the country’s international flights on January 31.

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The airline lied about its flight, according to an investigation by the BBC. Arrival and departure data from Tehran Imam Khomeini and China airports show flights continue to March.

One flight on February 6 brought 70 Iranian students back from the city of Wuhan in China, where the corona virus originated. Before traveling to Iraq on the same day.

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Mahan Air claims to have ended all flights from China after the Iranian student newspaper criticized the flight on February 6. But there are 55 more flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen until February 23. According to data from the commercial flight tracker Flightradar24.

BBC investigations determined that the first cases of the Iraqi and Lebanese viruses originated from Mahan Air flights.

Plane bound for Tehran from China also make the next trip within 24 hours to Barcelona, ​​Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Istanbul. The cabin crew raised concerns about the lack of APD and precautions on the plane. But were silenced by the airline.

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Mahan Air claims that they sent humanitarian aid to China and that no flights were passenger flights. Data shows they are confirmed as passenger flights.

The severe shortage of PPE and Iranian medical equipment during the corona virus crisis also made it very unlikely. That they were supplying humanitarian aid to China.

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Mahan Air is seen throughout the world as an evil operation. The US designated him a supporter of terrorism in 2011 because of his support for the Quds Force from the IRGC. The airline was banned from Saudi airspace, and was stripped of its landing rights in Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

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