Corona in Brazil infects residents under the age of 60 as many as 31 percent

Corona in Brazil infects residents under the age of 60 as many as 31 percent

The death of young people due to the corona virus is highest in Brazil than any other country that is also affected by the corona virus pandemic.

Brazil now ranks third with the highest positive cases under the United States and Russia. Based on Worldometers data on Friday (5/22), 310,921 positive cases were recorded and 20,082 died.

Reported by AFP, this news raises a question mark related to the idea that older people are more susceptible to corona virus. In Brazil, victims of the corona case are still dominated by residents aged 60 years and over. Namely 69 percent of the total fatalities.

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However, this percentage is very far compared to 95 percent of residents aged 60 years and over corona victims in Spain and Italy referring to existing data.

This percentage is also influenced by only 13.6 percent of the population in Brazil aged 60 years and over. That number is far smaller than the percentage of citizens aged 60 years and over in Spain (25 percent) and Italy (28 percent).

However, the number of young people who died of corona is not only due to demographic factors. This is also due to economic factors and demands to keep working during the co-19 pandemic.

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“Normal cases under 60 years old are high because of population factors in Brazil. However, this is also because people who do not follow the advice to stay at home,” said Mauro Sanchez. Epidemiologist at the University of Brasilia.

“They are more exposed. They expose themselves because they have no choice [to keep working].”

As of this week, the number of people dying under the age of 60 due to co-19 rose to 31 percent in Brazil.

Researchers in Brazil also estimate 3.6 million people have tested positive for corona and this figure is 10 times higher than official data released by the government.

Still according to them, it is estimated that the most infected age groups are those aged 20 to 29 years and 30-39 years.

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The number of two age groups infected is more than 580 thousand people each. This figure is twice more than those aged 60-69 years.

“The statistics are alarming because it can be seen that young people do not follow the recommended precautions needed,” said Patricio Cant. A pulmonary expert at the National School of Public Health.

The majority of poor citizens in Brazil choose to continue working amid the corona virus pandemic. Poor people there work in the informal sector such as housemaids, child caregivers, and other work that can only be done by leaving home.

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