Researchers: There Is No Evidence Of Marijuana Can Help Prevent and Treat Corona Virus

Researchers: There Is No Evidence Of Marijuana Can Help Prevent and Treat Corona Virus

A team of Canadian scientists believes it has found a type of cannabis that can help prevent or treat corona virus infection, according to a study.

Researchers from the University of Lethbridge said a study in April showed at least 13 cannabis plants with high CBD (kanabidiol) content appeared to affect the ACE2 pathway used by the corona virus to access the body.

“At first we were really stunned, and then we were really happy.” One researcher, Olga Kovalchuk, told CTV News, as quoted by the New York Post, May 21, 2020.

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The results, printed in the online journal Preprints. Show extracts of high content of CBD can help block proteins that provide a “gateway” for Covid-19 to enter the host cell.

Kovalchuk’s husband, Igor, said cannabis could reduce the virus’s entry point by up to 70 percent. “Therefore, you have more opportunities to fight it,” he told CTV.

“Our work can have a big effect – not many drugs have the potential to reduce infections by 70 to 80 percent,” he told the Calgary Herald.

While they emphasize that more research is needed, this study gives hope that cannabis, if proven to modulate enzymes. “Can prove a plausible strategy to reduce disease susceptibility” and “be a useful and safe adjunct to Covid-19 treatment as adjunctive therapy. “

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Marijuana can even be used to “develop preventive treatments that are easy to use in the form of mouthwash and throat products.” The study suggests. With “the potential to reduce the entry of the virus” through the mouth.

“The key is not that the cannabis you take at the store will do the trick,” Olga told CTV. The study says only a handful of more than 800 varieties of sativa seem to help. All are high in anti-inflammatory CBD, but low in THC, the part that produces high cannabis.

The research, which has not been reviewed by colleagues, was conducted in partnership with Pathway Rx. A cannabis therapy research company, and Swysh Inc., a cannabinoid-based research company.

Researchers are seeking funding to continue their efforts to support scientific initiatives to tackle Covid-19. “While our most effective extract requires further large-scale validation. Our research is crucial for future analysis of the effects of medical cannabis on Covid-19,” the study said.

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