All Corona Patients In Wuhan Have Been Discharged

All Corona Patients In Wuhan Have Been Discharged

Until Saturday (25/4) local time, NHC data mentioned a total of 46,452 confirmed cases of Corona virus in Wuhan. That figure reaches 56 percent of the total cases of Corona virus in mainland China.

America Will Demand Compensation To China Because of Corona

The Chinese authorities announced that all COVID-19 virus patients in Wuhan, which became the zero point of this global pandemic, had been discharged from the hospital.

The death toll from the Corona virus in Wuhan reached 3,869 people, or around 84 percent of the total deaths in mainland China.

US Allegations Against China About the Beginning of the Corona Virus

Wuhan became the first city in the world under lockdown due to the Corona virus pandemic. In recent times, the city of Wuhan has slowly returned to its normal situation. Conditions after months of fear and anxiety caused by the Corona virus.

However, despite efforts to stop this epidemic. The Corona virus has now infected more than 2.9 million people worldwide and killed more than 206 thousand people.

Pets in the US are infected with Corona Virus

The first case of the Corona virus is believed to have appeared in Wuhan in mid-December 2019. A few weeks later, the number of cases jumped dramatically.

From January 23 to April 8, residents of the city of Wuhan could not leave the city. Because everything was locked down by the Chinese government who tried to deal with the widespread Corona virus outbreak.

This Corona Mutation is Far More Virulent Than the First Wuhan Virus

But injuries and trauma due to the Corona virus outbreak are still being felt by residents of Wuhan city, whose authorities have just lifted the lockdown after the last 76 days.

Many residents of Wuhan City are worried about the second wave of Corona virus and business centers are struggling to get back on their feet.

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