This Corona Mutation is Far More Virulent Than the First Wuhan Virus

This Corona Mutation is Far More Virulent Than the First Wuhan Viru

Chinese scientists warn of the ability of a new corona virus mutation, SARS-CoV-2. Which may have had a different effect on Covid-19 disease worldwide.

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Prof. Li’s team detected more than 30 mutations of the corona virus and as many as 19 mutations or around 60% of them were new virus mutations.

They found that some of these mutations could cause functional changes in the virus protein spike. A unique structure over the viral envelope that allows corona viruses to bind to human cells.

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Researchers reveal, generally corona virus changes with an average speed of one mutation per month. However, on Monday (4/20), more than 10,000 strains were sorted by scientists around the world.

The new study of scientists who first suggested lockdown in Wuhan City, China, where the corona virus was first detected, this shows evidence of certain mutations from the virus that causes Covid-19.

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According to Prof. Li, certain mutations in the new corona virus can create more deadly types than others. “SARS-CoV-2 has obtained mutations that can substantially change its pathogenicity,” he said.

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