A Number of Cafes on Jimbaran Beach Damaged by High Waves Yesterday, Losses of Tens of Jut

A Number of Cafes on Jimbaran Beach Damaged by High Waves Yesterday, Losses of Tens of Jut

High waves that occurred yesterday resulted in damage in a number of cafes precisely Cafe 9 complex Jl. Pamelisan Agung Jimbaran Beach, South Kuta Badung.

Like the glass in the broken Shadow Cafe and a number of other equipment filled with beach sand due to being hit by the tidal flood yesterday.

“Yesterday the big waves had already been given an early warning from BMKG. At that time I wanted to take off the glass doors, but the big and tall waves suddenly came but did not have time to break them. I broke the waves, they came in repeatedly, nothing.” said Nyoman Sudarma, owner of Shadow Cafe, when met tribunbali.com in his cafe, Thursday (5/28/2020).

Triggers Phenomena of Coastal Floods and High Sea Waves

Sudarma also resigned to see his place of business being hit by a flood of tidal floods and caused quite a lot of damage besides the broken glass as well as other equipment and equipment that were hit by the waves.

Yesterday’s incident, as he recalled, between 11.00 and 12.00 WITA during lunch hour, the damage was estimated at tens of millions.

According to him this kind of incident also happened similar to 12 years ago but that time was worse than yesterday.

“This incident is like 12 years ago around May to June. Worse then but yesterday was almost the same. The loss can be up to tens of millions to repair it again so it can be Rp. 20 million, “he said.

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From observations in the field this afternoon the high waves began to re-occur but have not yet reached its peak as told by Nyoman Sudarma during yesterday’s incident.

The phenomenon of coastal flooding or tidal flooding and high waves and extreme weather had previously been announced by BMKG to be aware of this impact.

BMKG Forecast predictions occur to this day and the public is advised to always be vigilant and alert to anticipate the effects of tidal floods. High waves and extreme weather and to always update maritime weather information from BMKG.

“In addition to being alert to coastal flooding or tidal flooding. Also be aware of the high potential of sea waves that reach more than 2 meters or more in the Southern Bali Strait, Bali Southern Waters, Badung Strait, Lombok Strait and Ocean.

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