New Normal: Tips and Tricks to Avoid Blisters and Irritations Due to Masks

New Normal: Tips and Tricks to Avoid Blisters and Irritations Due to Masks

Here are tips on wearing a mask to be more comfortable, without compromising your security in the new normal era.

Make sure it fits right in the face

A mask that doesn’t fit your face makes you touch it often to repair it. Your hand carries the risk of carrying a virus that can be inhaled. In addition, masks that are too tight can make the ears hurt.

“The mask must fit on your face, and not loose or too tight,” advises Robert Raimondi, a dentist from One Manhattan Dental, as quoted by Your Tango.

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Make sure you can breathe comfortably

If you can’t breathe comfortably, you may be releasing it so it’s not safe.

To find out whether or not to breathe comfortably, put a mask on your face and then try to breathe normally. Then, try talking while wearing it. You will find it increasingly difficult to breathe when you are exercising or carrying weights.

Tata your hair

If you have long hair and the mask strap or loop band is stretchy enough, you can bun or pony it. Then, wrap the loop band around your hair ties, not the ears.

“This can help relieve rubber pressure. Some people also use clips that are looped around or buy a mask that is wrapped around the head (like a hijab mask), instead of sticking it in your ear, “said Stephen Lloyd, a doctor who is also the Chief Medical Officer at JourneyPure, United States.

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Choose a good material

Medical masks are indeed the most effective, but the general public simply wears cloth masks. Choose a fabric mask with the right material, the best is 100 percent cotton.

“This material is cooler than polyester and will not overheat you,” said Stephen Lloyd.

This material also tends to make breathing easier, making the mask more comfortable to wear.

Don’t use lubricant on the mask

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Many people recommend using Vaseline on a mask to avoid irritation. But this is not recommended by the doctor.

“We do not recommend lubricating your mask. A clean face is the best,” said Raimondi. “We strongly recommend that you take care of your skin to ensure it remains moist. You can treat diseased skin with things like Aquaphor or Vaseline to keep the wound clean and moist. “

Replace when it’s worn out

Even though the cloth mask can be washed and reused, you still have to replace it after wearing it for a period of time. When is the time? When the rubber loosens, the fabric feels worn or thinned, and there is a torn part. How long it takes depends on how often you wash it or how strong the mask material is.

“If you have washed a cloth mask many times, it may start to feel itchy, worn, or thin, adding to discomfort. This is the time to discard and replace it with a new one, “said Stephen Lloyd.

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