Corona Virus: Pandemic in America 928,619 positive cases, 52,459 died

Corona Virus: Pandemic in America 928,619 positive cases, 52,459 died

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Sunday reported 928,619 cases of the corona virus, with an increase of 32,853 cases from the previous day. In addition, the CDC also said the number of deaths had increased by 2,020 to 52,459.

The CDC figures do not necessarily reflect the cases reported by each state. Calculations reported on weekends are preliminary and will be updated on Monday.

Singapore Now Records The 3rd Most Corona Case in Asia

From the initial stages of the emergence of the Corona Virus pandemic COVID-19, conspiracy theories about the origin and scale of disease spread on online platforms.

Among these are false claims that the virus is part of China’s “secret biological weapons program”, and baseless claims that the Canadian-Chinese spy team has sent the new Corona Virus to Wuhan.

Is It True That China Stole the US Corona Virus Vaccine?

As a result of the increasing spread of the virus. Observers call the economic growth of the United States (US) would be ‘devastated’ because of the corona virus pandemic, especially in the first and second quarters of 2020.

Economist Goldman Sachs, for example, projected negative US real economic growth of 9 percent in the first quarter and continued to 34 percent in the second quarter.

US Allegations Against China About the Beginning of the Corona Virus

This condition occurs, because many companies take the path of termination of employment (FLE). The number of unemployed in the US has certainly increased.

Economic Impacts Due to Corona Predicted to Surpass the 2008 Crisis

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