The Greatest Conspiracy About the Wuhan Corona Virus

The Greatest Conspiracy About the Wuhan Corona Virus

As we know the covid 19 epidemic has succeeded in infecting dozens of countries from all corners of the globe. On March 21, 2020 WHO confirmed that there were around 242,713 people who had tested positive for the corona virus and 9,867 died.

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Our research on medical conspiracy theories shows that this phenomenon has the potential to have as dangerous a impact on society as the plague itself.

One conspiracy theory says that this virus is a biological weapon that was engineered by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States as a way to fight in China.

While other theories believe that the British and US governments introduced this virus as a way to make money from vaccines.

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This is a political virus. The economy is in danger of collapse, and this virus again represents a global political battle when the Chinese government spouts conspiracy theories.

Chinese Foreign Ministry (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) spokesman Zhao Lijian claims that the United States military brought the corona virus or Covid-19 to Wuhan City

Reporting from military and defense observer Connie Rahakundini Bakrie suspects that covid 19 is a biological weapon used for mass destruction.

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He also mentioned from the statement of a former CIA intelligence officer. Philip Giraldi, that co-19 did not occur naturally but through genetic mutations.

He said the deadly virus was deliberately produced in a laboratory. By the US and worked with Israel to destroy its biggest enemies, China and Iran.

And the latest conspiracy theory says that covid 19 was deliberately produced by the Illuminati to start the “Economy Big Start”. So that it benefits the world conglomerate behind the World Bank.

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According to the International Astronacci youtube channel covid 19 it was deliberately produced and circulated to create chaos and universal economic losses.

The impact is that there are lots of stock prices that have plummeted and many investors are selling them cheaply.

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