4 cases of Corona Positive Pets Worldwide

4 cases of Corona Positive Pets Worldwide

A pet cat in Hong Kong recently received positive results for the Covid-19 test. The cat does not show any symptoms related to the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Until now, the World Health Organization (WHO) still believes that pets cannot transmit the corona virus. There is no strong evidence that dogs and cats can be infected with the corona virus.

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Basically, the corona virus is a virus found in animals. The corona virus that infects animals is divided into four main sub-groups: alpha, beta, gamma, and delta.

During this time, the corona virus that is transmitted from animals to humans is a type of alpha and beta.

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Previously, two pet dogs had weak positive results after the Covid-19 test several times. The fourth animal that got a positive Covid-19 result was in Belgium.

Even so, medics in Hong Kong continue to monitor and inspect the pets. The Hong Kong Veterinarian Association cited a plausible reason for corona-positive animals being too close contact with their owners.

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Even so, it’s a good idea for pet owners to apply the concept of clean and healthy living in the following ways: 1. Wash hands after handling their pets, food and feces 2.

Practice high hygiene and cleanse the body after contacting pets 3. Bring animals pet to the vet regularly.

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