South Korea Trial of Robot Barista Helps Prevent Corona (Social Disruption)

South Korea Trial of Robot Barista Helps Prevent Corona (Social Disruption)

A cafe in Daejon, South Korea, has replaced its barriers with robots to comply with the social limitations of the Corona virus (COVID-19). Developed by technology company Vision Semicon, the robot can make six copies and deliver them to customers within 7 minutes of the order being recorded.

Not only able to make coffee quickly, the barista Vision Semicon robot is also designed to be able to interact with customers. That way, customers do not feel like dealing with machines or inanimate objects. These interactions range from providing recommendations to suggestions on how their drinks can be enjoyed.

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“Please enjoy Rooibos almond tea latte. It will be even more enjoyable if you stir it first,” the robot barista said as quoted by Reuters news agency on Monday, May 25, 2020.

Lee Dong-bae, Research Director of Vision Semicon, said that the barista robot was not developed by his own company. He said, the science institutions owned by the South Korean Government were also involved. The reason, said Dong-bae, is because the use of robots is part of the government’s social restrictions program.

“Robots can help citizens to do social distancing in public spaces. On the other hand, our robot does not need input from customers. The arrangement of tables in cafes is arranged so that the robot can move smoothly,” said Dong-bae about the robot that can make 60 types of coffee and determine the fastest way to deliver orders.

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If the pilot project in Daejon is successful, the number of cafes with barista robots will be added. The South Korean government is targeting at least 30 cafes with barista robots this year.

“This barista robot is very fun because I don’t need to stand up to get a drink. However, I am also a little worried that the robot will replace my friends who work in cafes,” said student Lee Chae-mi.

As of today, there are 11,206 cases and 267 victims died from the Corona virus (COVID-19) in South Korea.

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