Underwent New Normal in New Zealand after Lockdown

Underwent New Normal in New Zealand after Lockdown
Underwent New Normal in New Zealand after Lockdown

New Zealanders began to be asked to implement a new protocol (new normal) to return to their activities, after
the local government ended a seven-week lockdown to prevent the spread of the corona virus (Covid-19).

As reported by AFP on Friday (5/22), one of the striking is the new rules in public transportation modes in the Country Kiwi. Commuter train managers put a special sticky image on each seat that shows where passengers can sit.

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Commuter train managers only allow one passenger to sit on a bench that has a green patch image. While chairs that have red sticky pictures are prohibited from being occupied.

The policy aims to maintain distance between fellow passengers. The number of passengers standing is also limited and its position arranged so that there is a distance between one another.

The smell of disinfectant liquid is very strong throughout the commuter train station.

In addition, a number of shopping centers such as the Queensgate Mall increase the presence of security officers to ensure there is no crowds of people inside and outside the room when shopping. All stores also display bulletin boards to limit the number of visitors who can be indoors.

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They only allow one visitor to enter if a buyer has left the store.

Each place of business in New Zealand must also record customer data in detail, to make it easier for officers to track their whereabouts if an outbreak occurs.

The local government also requires residents to use personal protective equipment such as masks and carry hand sanitizers when traveling.

“It’s not difficult. It’s more so that I don’t forget what I have to do after serving customers,” said a barber in Wellington, Dali Toma.

Some restaurants are also required to limit the number of visitors. They must provide space at each customer’s table to avoid transmission.

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In addition, restaurant operating hours and the number of employees working are limited.

New Zealand is currently in two standby status. The streets of downtown Wellington which was once quiet at this time again jammed.

“People want to return to life as usual and Standby Dua allows people to return to activities,” said an entrepreneur, Mike Leigh.

Leigh is a carpenter who is now turning to selling masks made by his wife. He peddled the mask in a stall outside Wellington station for NZ $ 15 (about Rp. 133 thousand) per sheet.

“I have sold ten pieces of masks since morning. My wife made them. It looks like I have to make a site on the internet,” Leigh said.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, said that he had missed his family because he had not met for a long time because he had to comply with the lockdown.

“I really want to hug my sister. I haven’t seen her for several months because I was not at home,” Ardern said.

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