Ready to Trouble Attending a Wedding Reception in the New Normal Era

Ready to Trouble Attending a Wedding Reception in the New Normal Era

The concept of a wedding reception could change in the era of New Normal Covid-19 totally changed. From the number of guests to the envelope that must be usually delivered when the perception takes place.

According to Andie Oyong, Chairperson of the Marriage and Dress Entrepreneurs Association (APPGINDO), for example, the number of guests was reduced to 50 percent of the room’s capacity and could no longer eat while standing or standing party.

“Later, we cannot stand again. If we are standing we cannot control people in groups. But if seating is theater style, round table or long table, we can limit the number of guests,” Andie told Tempo, Wednesday, June 3, 2020.

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In addition to the concept in the room, from the outside even the stages of guests going inside will be arranged and spaced out. This also includes up to photo sessions that may not be clustered. “So it will indeed look New Normal,” Andie said.

If simulated, the protocol will start from the guest’s arrival. Building providers must provide a metal detector or x-ray to detect the goods carried. After that, guests will be measured by body temperature using a temperature scanner or thermo-gun.

Andie said guests with unusual body temperatures should be taken to a health room. Therefore the event organizer must prepare a health booth with medical personnel and an ambulance on standby if something happens.

Heading in, Andie suggested that the money envelope box be replaced with a non-cash bar code scan, thereby reducing physical contact. “So it’s been layered from the start,” Andie said. In addition, attendees must wear masks. If anyone forgets, the event organizer must prepare a clean and hygienic mask. Next, in front of the reception room a hand sanitizer is prepared to clean the hands.

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In addition to the concept of the event, Andie said later the number of guests will be adjusted to government regulations going forward. For this reason, he suggested that the reception be held in two sessions, so that the use of the building is expected to be longer. In addition, children and parents are advised not to be invited to the reception for health reasons. “They can be invited to more private events such as marriage contracts,” Andie said. “This is more difficult, but it must be done and all parties must be disciplined.”

All matters related to the reception, said Andie, would later be prepared by the marriage industry players in the form of a proposed protocol to the government. The health and safety protocol at the wedding reception was prepared by the Association of Indonesian Marriage Organizers, aka GP3I.

“This protocol is prepared because the government has begun to prepare for the New Normal Covid-19 situation. We want to move quickly so that the government does not make regulations without looking at the conditions on the ground,” Andie said.

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APPGINDO is one of the associations incorporated in GP3I. Other associations are Harpi Melati, PPJI, Aspedi, Hastana, and Hipdi. They are the actors involved in carrying out wedding events, among others related to hotels and meetinghouses, catering, decoration, entertainment, event guides, makeup studios, bridal, suits and dresses, invitation cards, souvenirs, to wedding organizers.

Andie said that all aspects of the marriage are expected to change in this New Normal era. At present the government has only issued regulations regarding marriage contracts in the midst of a pandemic, among others the event may not be attended by more than 20 percent of the capacity of the house or a maximum of 30 people.

“Now, how about the reception? This reception is what brings us revenue as a vendor. That’s why we based on the discussion made this protocol in a more official form. So, we can start an audience,” Andie said.

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