New Normal, a New Row of Habits in the World of Work

New Normal, a New Row of Habits in the World of Work

The corona virus pandemic (SARS-CoV-2) forces various aspects of life to change and adapt to new normal or new normal. So it is with the world of work.

Everyone must be accustomed to facing the new normal in the world of work in order to stay afloat amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

No more meetings or face-to-face meetings for hours. Work in the office or work from office (WFO) will also decrease. More work will be done from home by utilizing the use of technology.

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“The new normal in careers and the world of work today as long as WFH is working and operating an online-based business,” clinical psychologist Personal Growth, Veronica Adesla told, some time ago.

Veronica explained that everyone is required to have the skill to use technology. For example, clever use of video conferencing platforms, familiarize yourself with online meetings, to follow webinars.

At a further level, one must also have the ability to deliver presentations online. One must also practice speaking skills in front of the device.

In addition to the use of technology, the new normal also sharpens self skills. Starting from self-management, time, to thinking creatively and open to solving problems.

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“There is one other thing that I also look at, which is to exercise patience too, because there must be quite a lot that is constrained in operating the technology because the network is unstable or because it is not yet proficient in operating the technology,” Veronica said.

In order to survive in the new normal, Veronica recommends that everyone be open-minded.

Open mindedness is the key to success in being able to live a new normal life in the world of work. An open mind will make someone want to adjust to change, be more flexible, and want to learn new things.

“We need to be open to adjusting to changes that occur, being more flexible, and want to learn new things,” said Veronica.

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New normal is also considered to have a number of positive aspects of life. Someone can be more grateful for the work he has, in the midst of the many people who lost their jobs or people with reduced salaries.

After passing this new normal, Veronica rate will grow a new person who is stronger.

“Indeed, when a person succeeds in surviving when faced with a change … this will foster positive feelings towards him, including increasing one’s resilience and self-confidence,” Veronica said.

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