The Day After New Normal in South Korea Corona Cases Are On The Rise

The Day After New Normal in South Korea Corona Cases Are On The Rise

South Korea has again reported a surge in corona cases (COVID-19) in the past two months. Despite being a model of the “new normal” world, South Korea is now threatened by the second wave of COVID-19.

As of Thursday, local officials announced that 79 new cases had been discovered, bringing the total number of cases owned by the Ginseng country to 11,344.

A new cluster, found in the densely populated capital of Seoul. After the Itaewon cluster, South Korea is now faced with the e-commerce company Coupang cluster in Bucheon, South Seoul.

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Around 4,100 workers and visitors are now doing independent isolation. “As many as 80% have been tested,” South Korean Deputy Health Minister Kim Gang-lip told reporters.

He predicts new cases will continue to increase along with the tests conducted. The number of cases yesterday was the biggest increase since the announcement of 81 new patients, on 5 April.

South Korea has eased social distance since the beginning of this month. All activities are normal but must follow the procedures.

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Public places ranging from churches to schools opened. Students are also allowed to go to school since last Sunday. Whereas in February, this country became the second worst in the spread of COVID-19 after China.

From Worldometers data, there are 5.7 million cases of COVID-19 sufferers in the world. The death rate reached 357 thousand while recovering 2.498 million.

COVID-19 infects 213 countries and territories. US. Brazil and Russia are the three countries with the most cases in the world.

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