Good News, There Are No New Corona Cases in Hubei China

Good News, There Are No New Corona Cases in Hubei China

The Chinese government said that the corona virus was known to appear at the end of December 2019 in Wuhan.

But the new tight lockdown policy was announced starting January 23.

This condition triggers criticism from the US and other countries that China is late in acting, thus triggering the spread throughout the world.

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According to the Hubei province health commission, no new confirmed cases of Covid-19 were reported in central China’s Hubei Province on Sunday.

A total of 12 Covid-19 patients were discharged from the hospital after recovery on Sunday. So the number of virus patients in hospitals in the province to zero.

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Mi Feng explained, the last patient in Wuhan was successfully healed on Friday last weekend. That reduced the number of corona virus patients in the city to zero cases.

Launch of Xinhua, according to Mi Feng, a spokesman for the Chinese National Health Commission, at a press conference in Beijing.

This result could be achieved thanks to the hard work of medical workers in Wuhan.

And those who were sent to assist Wuhan in fighting viruses from around the country.

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At the end of Sunday, the province had 582 asymptomatic cases under medical supervision.

Hubei has so far reported 68,128 Covid-19 cases that were confirmed in total, including 50,333 in Wuhan.

Hubei and Wuhan are hotspot points for the corona virus in China that have sprung up since early January this year.

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