Facebook, Twitter, Youtube And Google Delete Videos About Corona Conspiracy

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube And Google Delete Videos About Corona Conspiracy

Four US technology companies, Facebook, Twitter and Google will crack down on false information related to the corona virus circulating on their platforms.

Through his official blog, Facebook Health Chief Kang-Xing Jin said it would begin to eradicate false claims about healing individuals affected by corona.

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The company will remove the content of false claims or conspiracy theories that have been checked by leading global health organizations and local health authorities, which could endanger people, “he wrote.

The YouTube video streaming platform recently banned a video of a conspiracy theory that erroneously claimed that the 5G network caused the Corona Virus COVID-19 outbreak.

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This was revealed by Icke when asked about the burning of 5G BTS towers in the UK some time ago, “If 5G continues then human life will end due to Corona Virus. People must make fast and courageous decisions,” he said as quoted by the Mirror website on Wednesday April 8, 2020.

In addition, Google’s YouTube video streaming service, YouTube, will also display trusted videos about corona. The company said the video content would feature statements from public health experts.

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While Twitter is known to add features such as corona-related fact checking, as tweeted a Singapore Twitter account.

How to prove the accusation? Can not. Precisely not yet. But it is indeed the most delicious conspiracy theory to find scapegoats if needed.

I am not ignoring the fact that political conspiracy is not impossible. After all, all countries in the world have a secret agency or intelligence bureau to conduct ‘war in the fog’. Desception is one of them.

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The declassification of CIA files shows how US intelligence operations occur throughout the world. Declassification also points to the fact that countries against America also carry out the same intelligence practices.

But today, conspiracy theories are the last thing humans need to face corona. Conspiracy theories only add tension and suspicion when humanity needs together.

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