Americans Celebrate Memorial Day, US Vacationers Ignore Masks and Physical Distance

Americans Celebrate Memorial Day, US Vacationers Ignore Masks and Physical Distance

The number of deaths caused by the corona virus approached 100,000 on Monday, May 25, 2020, when some Americans decided not to comply with social distance. They celebrated Heroes’ Day or Memorial Day, as reported by CNN.

As of Monday night, the number of deaths related to the corona virus had reached 98,218, more than the number of US troops killed in the Korean and Vietnamese wars.

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At first glance, the weekend during Memorial Day made most Americans forget the danger of the corona virus. Crowds thronged beaches in Florida, Maryland, Georgia, Virginia and Indiana. Many people come out without masks and others fail to keep their distance – even when officials highlight the importance of both to prevent other infections.

Not just the beach. Photos posted on social media show most people unmasked crowding at Ace Speedway in Elon, North Carolina, on Saturday, May 23, 2020.

“We are tired of being stuck at home. I am not afraid of this virus in the slightest,” US resident Becky Woosley told CNN affiliate WGHP.

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One of the Speedway owners, Jason Turner, told CNN affiliate WXII that 2,500 spectators filled the Speedway stands – half the capacity of the racing circuit – and the staff did not enforce rules about keeping distance, “People have the right to choose where they go and what they do, “Woosley added.

At Daytona Beach, people filled the main street. Mayor Derrick Henry said he needed a lot of police in such a large crowd.

“They don’t practice social distance and they don’t need to respond in many ways, which we want because it’s related to the normal expectations of visitors,” he told CNN. “When … you get 300 to 500 people per law enforcement officer, that’s a difficult order.”

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In Missouri, hundreds of people attended a billiard party just days after a similar party in neighboring Arkansas. The party caused a new case of corona virus transmission. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said the state was now experiencing a “second peak”.

Hutchinson said the first peak showed 160 cases in one day, followed by a “deep dip”. On Saturday, there were 163 new cases of Covid-19 in Arkansas.

But in Delaware, Governor John Carney, who traveled to Rehoboth Beach, said that he felt encouraged by what he saw, “I see not many people on the beach,” Carney told Wolf Blitzer of CNN. “It was not a good beach day in terms of weather. But on the causeway, most people, I say 80 percent, used percent as we needed.”

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Carney said he was impressed with the signboard, the 2 meter separation mark and the plexiglass barrier.

Risk Easing
Corona virus cases tend to increase in 18 states, including Alabama. Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed said Monday morning, May 25, 2020, that he thought easing initial restrictions in his country had given people “the wrong sense of security.”

“What we are seeing is a kind of separate community where you have people who believe this is over. They have decided to return to their normal way of life and they are willing to take risks,” Reed told CNN. “What they don’t consider is the risk they face in others, when they don’t see some symptoms in themselves.”

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When health officials warned that the deadly virus had not been controlled, local leaders across the country were working to enforce regulations that apply to parks, shops, bars and restaurants that had reopened.

In Houston, Mayor Sylvester Turner said authorities would begin enforcing capacity limits for bars and restaurants. After the city government received hundreds of complaints for alleged violations.

“One of my councilors sent me some photos and there are other photos on Facebook and social media people around the pool. No social distance, no masks,” he said Monday on CNN. “I just said, we have to hit the brakes.”

The video of a billiard party held at the Clé nightclub in Houston. Where many people without masks were seen huddling around the pool. Helped push the decision, the Houston Mayor’s office said.

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