Amazing Enchantments Place on Jeju Island, Volcanic Island from South Korea

Amazing Enchantments Place on Jeju Island, Volcanic Island from South Korea

Countries in Asia always have exotic islands to visit. If in Singapore there is Sentosa, in Thailand there is Phuket, and in Indonesia there is Bali, then South Korea has Jeju Island. The largest island in South Korea which is a favorite destination for Koreans for vacation or months off.

The climate is cool, with a fairly high rainfall intensity making Jeju a friendly island to visit. In addition, Jeju Island also has diverse landscapes ranging from beaches, waterfalls, volcanoes, cliffs, craters, to caves with lava flows. So it’s not wrong if Jeju Island is the most beautiful island owned by South Korea.

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Cheonjiyeon Falls, the Falls that Fall in the Pool of the Gods

Cheonjiyeon Falls, is a 22 meter high waterfall that comes from the ceiling of the cave and falls into a pool that flows directly into the sea.

Cheonjiyeon itself means “Pond of Gods”, the name comes from a legend about 7 fairies who served a King of Khayangan, the king went down to the pond and washed himself with clear water from the pool. Cheonjiyeon Falls adds to the nature obligations that Jeju Island has, becoming a paradise for nature lovers.

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Seongsan Ilchul-bong Peak

Witness the Splendor of the Rising Sun from the Giant Crater Seongsan Ilchul-bong is a forest crater surrounded by jagged rocks, forming a large bowl over the sea.

The crater formed from the eruption of a volcano 100,000 years ago offers extraordinary beauty for travelers. Especially the splendor of the sun rising the peak of Seongsan. Korean society itself has a culture of watching the sun rise from this peak, as a sign of affirming their life’s journey.

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Hallasan Mountain, the Highest Mountain in the Middle of the Island

Located right in the heart of Jeju Island, Hallasan Mountain is the highest mountain in South Korea with a height of up to 1950 meters. And is an active volcano but has not erupted.

Climbing Hallasan Mountain can be an experience to try, besides there is a beautiful crater lake at the top of Hallasan, you can also enjoy the view of Jeju Island from above.

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Manjang-gul Cave, the Largest and Longest Lava Hall in the world

Formed since 2.5 million years ago, Manjang-gul Cave is a lava tunnel tunnel with a depth of up to 7.4 km and a height of between 2 and 23 meters. Making this cave the largest and most complete lava tunnel in the world.

By using a flashlight and jacket, you can also explore the depths of the Manjang-gul cave.\

See first hand the formation of stalactite rocks and lava pillars as high as 7 meters. And also don’t be surprised by the sounds of bats that live on the ceiling of the cave.

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Jeju Folk Village Museum, 19th-century Korean Community Life

Jeju Folk Village Museum takes you to the life of Korean society in the 19th century, precisely in the 1890s. More than 100 traditional houses and 8000 historic relics are at the Jeju Folk Village Museum.

Which is now a place to get to know the culture and history of Korean society more deeply, especially in the lives of people on Jeju island.

Jeju Folk Village Museum itself is divided into 4 villages, namely: Mountain Village, Hill-country village, Fishing village, and Shamanism village. You also have the opportunity to interact with local residents there. And there are many interesting activities that you can try such as learning to make Patjuk (red bean porridge), or Korean Tofu.

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Olle Trails, the Beauty of All of Jeju Island from the Walkway

Jeju Island has more than twenty footpaths called Olle Trails. A path with routes marked by arrows, statues or colored labels takes you to the most beautiful places on Jeju Island.

Walking on Olle Trails can be an interesting experience on your vacation. While enjoying the natural mountains of Jeju Island, beautiful beach views, to greet local residents there. Your trip on Jeju Island will be an unforgettable experience.

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Teddy Bear Museum, Teddy Bear from Around the World

The Jeju Teddy Bear Museum is one of the most famous museums in South Korea, featuring thousands of Teddy Bears from all over the world. Some Teddy Bears in this Museum are designed in a detailed touch of the hand.

Many unique and interesting things that you can find here, from Teddy Bear that resembles a famous character, the smallest Teddy bear, to giant Teddy Bears.

Jusangjeolli Cliffs, Frozen Lava Pillars

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When the lava flow from the eruption of Mount Hallasan flowed into the Jungmun Sea. The lava froze and formed black stone pillars on the wall of the Jungmun sea cliff, now called the Jusangjeolli cliff.

The lava pillars on the Jusangjeolli cliffs show the great natural forces of the past, which are now an amazing sight. Especially when large expanses of waves hit the hard lava pillars of the Jusangjeolli cliffs.

If you want to visit Jeju Island, you can use domestic flights from Seoul to Jeju Island airport. For more convenience and savings, you can also take a travel package to Jeju Island.

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