5 Positive Balinese Corona, Bali Airport Careful Care

5 Positive Balinese Corona, Bali Airport Careful Care

The latest data released by the Bali Province Covid Handling Task Force, there are 5 (five) people who have tested positive for Corona. While the positive patient data recovered is still the same, as many as 18 people. The 8 people are 4 foreigners and 14 Indonesian citizens. While the patients who died were 2 people.

So that the total number of patients infected with corona cumulatively to 35 people. The increase in covid-19 positive cases also affected the increase in PDP patients by five people, all of whom were Indonesian citizens.

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All 188 PDPs in Bali have been tested rapidly. Some rapid results still have to wait. From the laboratory results there are currently 167 people sampled with 132 negative and 35 positive.

“Of the 183 PDPs, 129 were negative and 32 were positive.” While the rest are still waiting for the results, “said Dewa Indra, Chair of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force.

5 Positive Balinese Corona, Bali Airport Careful Care

Amid the surge in corona cases that are increasing in Bali there have been a number of cases cured. A total of 18 people have recovered and have been allowed to go home respectively.

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“We from the Task Force appealed to all Balinese people to use masks. Stay alert because the spread of COVID-19 shows an upward trend at the national level. We must work together to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus, “he added.

In the future, the Provincial Government of Bali will increase security at the entrance of Bali. Among others, by conducting temperature checks and rapid tests at the airport for passengers who come to Bali.

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