Wisata Alam Maluku Indonesia Yang Paling Memukau

Indonesia’s Most Amazing Maluku Natural Tourism

Maluku is one of the provinces in Indonesia which is famous for its natural beauty. The area with a two-hour time zone faster than Jakarta keeps various destinations that are still very natural.

Want to have a local vacation but international flavor? Check out the 10 best detections in Maluku below. From stunning beaches to mountains that make you amazed

Beautiful hidden paradise – Ora Beach, North Seram

Its location is not in Ambon, but its beauty also helps to elevate the reputation of this ‘City of Music’. How not, with a beach that is decorated by mountains, clear blue sea and shady trees, panorama of this class is guaranteed to make anyone fall in love!

In addition to the extraordinary beautiful scenery, exotic cottages also add to the uniqueness of Ora Beach. You can also choose to stay at the Eco Resort available here, you know!

Exoticism of tropical islands – Molana Island

Molana Island always offers a unique beauty for travelers who love nature tourism. With coral reefs, fine white sand, clear sea water and charming coral, Molana Island will truly amaze you with its beauty.

This exotic tropical island also has a beautiful green charm. Mangroves and shady trees on this island will certainly add to the beauty of the island of Molana.

Location: Haria, Saparua, Maluku Tengah, Maluku

Beach with the softest sand in Asia – Ngurbloat Beach, Southeast Maluku

One of the best wonders in Indonesia can be found at Ngurbloat Beach. Being in the overdraft of Kei Island, Ngurbloat Beach provides a special natural panorama, from the long coastline to the clear blue sea.

Another miracle that you can get here is its very fine white sand. I was so smooth, white sand on Ngurbloat Beach has been named the beach with the smoothest sand in Asia you know. Wow, isn’t it?

Location: Ngurbloat, Tual, Southeast Maluku Regency, Maluku

Special historical heritage – Amsterdam Fort Hila

Historical relics have always been the center of attention of many people, especially if they have millions of messages implied. In Maluku itself, there is the Amsterdam Fort which is located on the border of Hila and Keitetu. The fort itself holds a variety of historical stories that are guaranteed to amaze you.

Overall, the Amsterdam Fort has its own charm. Sturdy buildings, strategic location and beautiful scenery make this destination a very Instagram-worthy spot too!

Location: Hila, Leihitu, Central Maluku, Maluku

Hidden Paradise in Central Maluku – Makariki Cliff

Makariki cliff located at the foot of Mount Binaia is nicknamed ‘Hidden Paradise’ because it is located in a fairly remote location and has steep road access, so it is still difficult to reach by many people.
Although your trip here might be a little bumpy, you are guaranteed not to regret when you arrive at the location! Panoramas and natural shades that are so enchanting, wrapped in refreshing air and clear water, guaranteed to make you not want to go home!

Location: Seram Island, Laimu Village, Tehoru District, Central Maluku

Gateway to the Banda Sea – Kota Pintu Kota

From the name, you might think this gate is located at the end of the city; but actually, Pintu Kota Beach is a beach with a hollow like a gate that gives you an amazing view of the Banda Sea!

The splendor and uniqueness of this rock has become the center of attention of many tourists. Besides being used as a vacation spot, this location is also often used as a place to take pictures of newly-wed you know!

Location: Airlouw Hamlet, Nusaniwe Village, Ambon, Maluku

Worldwide pentagon fortress – Fort Belgica, Banda Neira

Belgica Fortress is another historical heritage located in the Ambon region, precisely in Banda Neira. Not only magnificent, the fort with a strategic location also presents a very beautiful natural feel with views of the mountains and the sea.

One of the attractions of this fort is its unique five-square shape; not to mention the historical story behind the founding of this fort. History tour lovers will definitely not regret visiting this historic place, deh!

Location: Banda Neira, Nusantara, Banda, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku

No less than Raja Ampat – Bair Island, Southeast Maluku

Bair Island is often referred to as a paradise tourist destination that can be found on earth because of its natural beauty that is very enchanting.
The crystal clear waters, breathtaking scenery, cool rocky cliffs and impressive mangrove forests have made Bair Island a major competitor to Raja Ampat’s natural beauty located in West Papua. If you still don’t believe it, you can visit it directly!

Location: Tual City, Southeast Maluku

Glance at the splendor of the cliff wall – Hatu Pia Cliff, North Seram

Even though rock cliffs do sound boring, Hatupia Cliff is guaranteed to amaze you! This cliff wall is not only soaring high, but also has an exotic feel that you will not miss!

Besides being able to see the beauty of the cliffs, you can also dive while looking at the beautiful underwater scenery. The diversity of coral reefs and corals that are here will add to the exoticism of this tourist destination in Ambon.

Location: Sawai Village, North Seram District, Maluku

Cool sand island – Ngurbutut Beach & Ngurtavur Beach

You can only see this beach when the sea water is receding. With exotic views here, you will be able to take photos that are guaranteed to be Instagram-worthy!

The extraordinary scenery that is owned by Ngurbutut Beach and Ngurtavur Beach makes them one of the must-visit spots while in Ambon.

Location: Warbal Island, Southeast Maluku Regency

Special hidden pool – Liliboi Stone Hole

This beach has features like other beaches in Ambon. But what makes this beach special is the large hole in the reef; which seemed to be a gateway to a different world.

Because of its hidden location, this beach has a special spot in the form of freshwater pools.

Here, you can also find a stone wall separating fresh water and salt water. Very unique, is not it? With exotic coral reefs and breathtaking views, this destination is a must-visit place at least once in your life.

Location: Jl. Province, Liliboi, Leihitu Bar., Central Maluku Regency, Maluku

Sea cave with a special view – Goa Hawang, Kei Kecil

Another spot that you must visit when you go to Ambon is Goa Hawang on Kei Kecil Island, Southeast Maluku. Goa submerged in sea water has a very instagenic rock structure you know!

The water is clear and bluish in color makes Goa Hawang pool a cool spot to be explored from under the surface of the water. Goa Hawang also has a myth where you will get a match or a baby if you dive here you know. Are you more interested in visiting it?

Location: Letvuan Village, Kei Kecil Island, Southeast Maluku

Impressive terraced waterfalls – Lumoli Waterfall, Piru

It is not an easy journey to get to Lumoli Waterfall, but once you get there, you will be able to see a super magnificent waterfall that is extraordinarily beautiful.

Not only is the waterfall cool, the natural feel of the surrounding environment is also an attraction that you cannot ignore. The shady trees and the flow of fresh and swift water really invite anyone to swim there.

Location: Seramagian district, Lumoli, Seram Bar., Seram Barat regency, Maluku

Beautiful natural waterfalls – Telaga Pange Waterfall

The natural beauty that is still maintained and fresh air are the two main reasons to come to the tourist destination of Telaga Pange Waterfall.

The slightly hidden location and the many special sights along the way add to the excitement when visiting this waterfall. You are guaranteed nothing to lose coming to this place, deh!

Location: Telag Pange Hamlet, Desa Tiga Village, Ambon Bay District, Maluku Province

The oldest mosque in Maluku – Wapawue Mosque

Built in 1414, the Wapawue Mosque is the oldest mosque in Maluku. In addition to being a historic place of worship in Maluku, this mosque is also the first place where the spread of Islam began.

Architecturally, this rustic mosque carries Javanese culture, with buildings that look like joglo or the Great Mosque of Demak. What is unique, the structure of this mosque does not use nails at all you know! For the interior, the Wapawue Mosque is decorated with many historic items such as the Al-Qur’an manuscripts made by Nur Manafya Mushaf and the drum that is more than seven centuries old.

Location: Kaitetu, Leihitu, Central Maluku, Maluku

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