WHO Calls the Wuhan Market to Role in the Spread of Corona Virus

WHO Calls the Wuhan Market to Role in the Spread of Corona Virus

The World Health Organization or WHO ensures the animal market in Wuhan City, China, has a role in spreading the Corona or Covid-19 virus.

“The market has a role in spreading, it’s clear. But what kind of role, we still don’t know,” said WHO representative Peter Ben Embarek, a Food and Virus Safety expert who crossed the line of transmission from animals to humans, as quoted by Reuters on Friday, May 8, 2020.

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Embarek said that WHO still needs further research. But from their current conclusions, the role of the animal market is quite clear.

“Either that role is the initial source of the virus or that magnifies the transmission of the virus, or it is just a coincidence that some cases are found in and around the market,” Embarek said.

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The Chinese government has closed the market since January 2020 when the virus began to spread in the country. This is an attempt by China to reduce the spread of the virus. They have also issued a temporary ban on the sale and consumption of wild animals.

Embarek said it was still unclear who brought the virus to the Wuhan market. It could be a live animal, a vendor that was infected first, or even a buyer.

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