Typhoon Amphan in Bangladesh and India Kills 24 Residents

Typhoon Amphan in Bangladesh and India Kills 24 Residents

Twenty-four people died as a result of typhoon Amphan, which struck a number of coastal areas in India and Bangladesh.

As reported by the Associated Press, Friday (5/22), as many as 10 people in the coastal areas of Bangladesh due to a typhoon.

While 12 residents in the state of West Bengal and two residents in the state of Odisha, India, died as a result of the typhoon.

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Most of the victims were killed by building walls or trees and drowning.

The typhoon also damaged many buildings on the coasts of India and Bangladesh. The roofs of the houses of the people were destroyed in the wind.

Heavy sea waves also damage bridges and cut off electricity networks.

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Typhoon Amphan with a category three strength scale has a speed of 170 kilometers per hour (kph), and increased to 190 kph when it reached the mainland since last Wednesday.

The cyclone first hit land near the Digha seaside resort area in West Bengal, India and Pulauy Hatiya, Bangladesh.

The focal point of the storm is expected to pass through the world’s largest mangrove forest located in Sunderbans, Bangladesh.

Although the strength of the storm has weakened after passing through Bangladesh, the typhoon pushed waves of sea water as far as 25 kilometers inland.

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Some areas in India, including the city of Kolkata, were flooded.

A school in the Howrah area, located on the outskirts of Kolkata, was damaged because the roof of the building was swept away by a typhoon. A number of coconut trees were also seen struck by lightning.

A number of roads to residential areas in the city were flooded.

The cell phone signal in Kolkata was broken since last Wednesday. Residents complain of difficulties because they do not know where to flee and get help.

Bangladesh has evacuated 2.4 million people due to the storm.

While in India, the West Bengal and Odisha state governments temporarily displaced 448,486 residents.

This natural disaster made it even more difficult for the governments of India and Bangladesh because they were also facing a corona virus pandemic.

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