Trump’s Budget Spent to Fight Corona in the US

Trump's Budget Spent to Fight Corona in the US

Observers call the economic growth of the United States (US) would be ‘devastated’ because of the corona virus pandemic. Epecially in the first and second quarters of 2020.

Economist Goldman Sachs, for example, projected negative US real economic growth of 9 percent in the first quarter and continued to 34 percent in the second quarter.

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It is known, the US government poured stimulus funds of US $ 2 trillion or around Rp32 thousand trillion (exchange rates of Rp16 thousand per US dollar) to save the economy hit by the corona virus spread. US President Donald Trump signed the law on the policy package on Friday (3/27) yesterday.

Trump said the incentive is expected to help families, workers and US employers who are negatively affected by the corona virus.

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Trump explained the US government will distribute incentives of US $ 100 billion for hospitals and health facilities that require medical equipment to personal protective equipment (PPE).

Then, as much as US $ 500 billion will be lent to companies including airlines.

Around US $ 377 billion will be donated to small and medium businesses and the rest of the stimulus is allocated to help the unemployed in the US.

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