Trump Threatens Not to Pay Debt to China, Angry Because of Corona Virus

Trump Threatens Not to Pay Debt to China, What's the Result?

President of the United States (US) Donald Trump continues to blame the Chinese government for the spread of the corona virus in his country. He repeatedly mentioned that China deliberately hid information about the danger of co-19 to the world.

At the end of last month he even said the covid-19 virus originated from a virological laboratory in China. To convince his statement, Trump said he had evidence of that.

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“I cannot tell you. I’m not allowed to tell you that, “Trump told reporters at the White House on Thursday (30/4).

On the same occasion, Trump also said he would give punishment to China by raising trade tariffs. According to him, this policy is one possible option related to the severity of US-China trade relations.

Not stopping there, Trump threatened to not fulfill US debt obligations to China. This step is referred to as the price China must pay for its actions to spread the corona virus to the US and throughout the world.

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This was revealed from a statement from a White House source who did not want to be named to the Washington Post last week.

“Punishing China is really a thought in the head of the current president,” said the senior official.

Trump’s attitude also sparked fears of a trade war between the US and China. One effect is the drop in world crude oil prices at the close of the May 4 trade under US $ 20 per barrel.

The matter of debt default plans is also feared that many parties will worsen the condition of the US economy.

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