Tragically, the Body of Indonesian Crew in Chinese Fishing Boat Thrown into the Sea!

Tragically, the Body of Indonesian Crew in Chinese Fishing Boat Thrown into the Sea!

MBC, released an exclusive video that shows the suffering of Indonesian citizens (WNI) who work as crew members (ABK) Chinese fish. In the video they can be seen working like slaves and without health insurance.

“[Exclusively] ’18 hours a day of work. Sick and out of breath, throwing into the sea ‘,” reads the title of the South Korean media published May 5, 2020.

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The media reported there were horrific deaths and human rights violations of Indonesian crew on Chinese fishing vessels. The report was published because of requests for assistance from ABK submitted to the government of South Korea and MBC when the ship entered the Port of Busan.

At first, it was difficult to see the pictures and evidence provided by Indonesian ABK visually. And even before the media journalists could find out the truth because the ship had already sailed out to sea.

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ADVANCED slavery experienced by Indonesian crew (ABK) citizens on Chinese fishing vessels was investigated by the South Korean Coast Guard (South Korea). The case was revealed after Indonesian fishermen gave their stories to the South Korean media, MBC.

“The Maritime Police Agency launched an investigation into the MBC report that three Indonesian sailors aboard a Chinese-owned fishing boat were exploited and left ill. The fishermen were rescued in the Pacific Ocean, “reported MBC, Wednesday (6/5).

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“The investigation revolves around the alleged ABK Indonesian citizens experiencing exploitation. The investigation will be carried out jointly with the Chinese Coast Guard, “the report added.

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5 of the fishermen, after working for 13 months, were only paid USD 120 or equivalent to Rp 1,700,000. Could be interpreted as a month that the ABK WNI were only paid Rp 100,000.

Besides catching tuna, the ship is known to often catch sharks.

It is known that due to illegal activities. When there are people who died on the ship they could not return ashore.

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“This worker changed ship and made it to Busan on April 10 and could only wait for 10 days at the port of Busan,” Jang Hansol explained.

One worker experienced chest pain, then was transferred to the nearest hospital in Busan, but his life was beyond help and died on April 27.

“There is one organization that learned about the deaths of 4 people and reported it to the marine police and tried to conduct an investigation as quickly as possible,” Jang Hansol said.

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Because in 2015 Korea already had an agreement that could conduct an investigation.

But two days later the ship was known to have left the port, so the inspection could not proceed.

Other fishermen are known to still be in Busan and want to give more information about human rights violations that occurred to them. The fishermen also asked the Korean Government to conduct a strict investigation.

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