Today’s American Blacklist is 30 Institutions and Companies of Chinese Origin

Today's American Blacklist is 30 Institutions and Companies of Chinese Origin

Chinese and American equivalents are not over. The latest development, America put 33 Chinese companies on the blacklist. The reason is because they were involved in Uighur spy operations or the development of weapons of mass destruction for the Chinese military.

There are various types of companies that are blacklisted. Some of these are commercial companies, state-owned companies, and military technology providers such as artificial intelligence and face scanners.

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“They have supported China in committing human rights violations. China has acted repressively, unjustly, and implemented sophisticated technological surveillance of the Uighur community,” the US Department of Commerce was quoted as saying by Reuters news agency on Saturday, May 23, 2020.

One example of a company from the list is NetPosa. NetPosa is a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) whose face scanning technology is used by China to oversee the Uighur Muslim community.

Besides NetPosa, there is also CloudMinds, a cloud computing development company that is included in Softbank Group’s portfolio. In a statement from the US Department of Commerce, CloudMinds was blacklisted for transferring technology from America to China.

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Qihoo360, which was in the spotlight for accusing the CIA of having hacked the Chinese Government, was also on the forbidden list. Although no detailed mention was made of the reasons, it was strongly suspected that this was related to his claim about hacking by the CIA.

NetPosa, CloudMinds, and Qihoo have not commented until the news was written.

“We are well aware of the latest developments related to the Ministry of Trade’s black list and how they are evaluating their economic impact. We comply with the rules they set,” Xilinx said in a press statement.

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Xilink, who worked on chips for Chinese technology companies, confirmed the matter of blacklisting from the US Department of Commerce. The San Jose-based company found out after their client was blacklisted in America.

Blacklisting of Chinese companies and institutions is not the first time for America. Last October, the United States blacklisted 28 Chinese companies, which are engaged in the security sector. The reason is still the same, oppression of Uighurs.

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