The Highest Surge in Cases in Saudi Arabia 2307 New Patients in Korea

The Highest Surge in Cases in Saudi Arabia 2307 New Patients in Korea

 Saudi Arabia reported 2,307 new cases of corona virus within a day on Friday (5/15). Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health said the addition was the highest addition since Covid-19 was first detected there.

In addition, in a day Saudi Arabia also recorded nine patients died due to corona. Quoting AFP, the total death due to corona in Saudi Arabia has reached 292 people.

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Worldometers statistics report that Saudi Arabia currently has 49,176 corona cases with 21,869 of them declared cured.

Saudi Arabia has a number of policies to control the spread of the corona virus.

On Tuesday (12/5) the Ministry of Home Affairs decided to impose a national lockdown during the Eid holiday. The decision was taken after the Saudis are now the country with the highest Covid-19 case in the Gulf region.

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Quoted from a ministry statement released by the Saudi Arabian news agency. A full lockdown will be imposed in the country on May 23-27 to coincide with the day of Eid celebration.

The locking of the territory has been carried out in many locations, but last month the government relaxed the restrictions at 9 am to 5 pm.

Malls and shops have reopened, except in certain locations, including Mecca, which is a high-case area, despite strict local lockouts.

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Other efforts by the Saudis to control the spread of the corona virus are closing cinemas and restaurants and stopping flights.

In late February, Saudi Arabia also decided to stop Umrah activities throughout 2020 for fear of spreading corona in the holy city of Mecca.

So far the authorities have not yet decided to continue organizing Hajj activities this year as scheduled at the end of July or to postpone them. Nevertheless, Muslims in the world are expected to delay the preparation of the pilgrimage.

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