The body of Indonesian crew on Chinese fishing vessels thrown into the sea, human rights violations

The body of Indonesian crew on Chinese fishing vessels thrown into the sea, human rights violations

The exploitation of Indonesian crews (ABK) working on Chinese Fishing Vessels became the topic of media coverage in South Korea.

South Korean media, TV MBC get exclusive news when the ship from China is anchored in Busan, South Korea.

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“Initially, when MBC saw the news that was shown, it did not trust the news. Before further inspection the boat has departed, “said South Korean Youtuber Jang Hansol in his Korean Roemit account.

TV MBC is pushing for an immediate international investigation into the incident.

Pemutaran Beach, Gerokgak Village, Buleleng, Bali

In the video played on March 30, one package was reportedly a 24-year-old Indonesian citizen (Ari).

He has worked for more than 1 year and stays aboard the ship.

Someone was seen praying for the body, then the body was thrown into the sea and he disappeared somewhere.

Tragically, the Body of Indonesian Crew in Chinese Fishing Boat Thrown into the Sea!

It was reported by MBC, before being dispatched to work abroad as ABK, the ABK Indonesian Citizens were given a statement containing the contents;

“All risks will be my own responsibility if there is a disaster and died, then the body will be cremated where the ship rests, with a note that the ashes will be returned to Indonesia. equivalent to Rp. 150,000,000) which will be given to the heirs.

By making this affidavit, my parents’ agreement had already been reached, it would not lead to the police or law in Indonesia. That is the statement I made in good health without coercion from any party, “said a statement translated by Jang Hansol, Korea Roemit.

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Testimony from an unnamed Indonesian citizen, his workplace was quite poor and there was labor exploitation.

A colleague who had just died was said to have been sick for 1 month.

“Initially cramps, suddenly his legs were swollen. “From the legs directly attacked to the body and he immediately congested,” said the citizen told MBC.

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The Indonesians drink filtered sea water daily.

The ship provides mineral water but only Chinese fishermen are allowed to drink.

Indonesian fishermen were told to drink filtered sea water and their body condition worsened due to this.

“Dizzy, you can’t drink mineral water at all. There was also phlegm here (in the throat), “quoting from an Indonesian citizen in an MBC broadcast.

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