Rising Business Sectors Amid Corona Outbreaks

Rising Business Sectors Amid Corona Outbreaks

The business sectors above are related to the lifestyle of the home which is touted by most people. From there, he said that opportunities for new businesses emerged. The final tip of the stay at home lifestyle and business is stay at home economy.

Marketing observer at Inventure Consulting Yuswohady said 11 business sectors were on the rise amid the corona virus national disaster. The sector is related to community activities at home because of social distancing, work and school from home policies.

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Among other things, grocery or food shopping, logistics and shipping, electronic commerce or e-commerce, to food delivery services.

Yuswohady continued based on a Nielsen survey in March, there were 30 percent of Indonesian consumers more often shop online after the introduction of social distancing.

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According to him, this figure is quite amazing because changes in consumer behavior occur only in a span of less than one month.

“Now we may still shop outside, but with PSBB getting tighter, then everything will turn to online,” he added.

He believes online shopping is not only for fashion products as has happened so far, but is starting to lead to grocery and daily household needs. The increasing demand for online shopping. will boost the logistics business.

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“So, the pillars of stay at home economy are e-commerce and logistics services,” he said.

Still sourced from Nielsen, he revealed the demand for food delivery services also rose. In March, as many as 22 percent in the Nielsen survey claimed to use food delivery services more often and 19 percent more often to take away.

With the implementation of the PSBB, the intention of consumers to order food online will continue to crawl.

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He further said that remote working, streaming services, media and telecommunications, and online learning. He stated covid-19 will also provide great opportunities for data storage services, online pharmacy services, cleaning services, and fitness from home.

In addition, people are also getting used to work that does not require work in the office alias remote working. He suspects that companies that are experiencing financial difficulties after the outbreak will end up doing efficiency by implementing WFH.

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He continued the spread of covid-19 also provided great opportunities for online learning and online pharmacy services. The two sectors had a small market share before the emergence of a pandemic, such as the Teachers’ Room and Halodoc.

“After co-19, suddenly the market became massive, it is not even possible that the Teachers’ Room and Halodoc can be the next unicorn, because they get extraordinary benefits,” explained Yuswohady.
Hit sector

On the contrary, he predicts that there are 11 sectors that will be hit by the spread of this pandemic. The sector includes, hotels and tourism, aviation, exhibitions or Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE), restaurants, and cinema or entertainment.

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Yuswohady said that the leisure sector has become the most severely affected business line due to social distancing. Whereas before, this sector was predicted to gain a lot of benefits from changing millennial behavior patterns.

You name it, Traveloka who was recently crowned as a unicorn Indonesia was forced to have to lay off employees due to this pandemic.

This also applies to meetings or MICE because inevitably MICE players must innovate through digital by holding online seminars, online concerts, and even online exhibitions.

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“Everything that becomes a pillar of economic leisure is now like when PLN electricity is black out,” he said.

Then, sports, shopping centers, electronic goods, automotive, oil and gas, as well as property and construction.

He said before the pandemic, the mall has changed its function not to be a shopping place, but a leisure and culinary destination. Then, this pandemic forced shopping centers to only open outlets for household and health needs.

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Nielsen survey, he revealed 50 percent of people have reduced visits to shopping centers.

“The worst scenario, I believe what Bill Gates said that this condition is full recovery in 2022. In fact, if the vaccine is not found it will be longer. Conditions like this will no longer be emergency, but become an ordinary condition, becoming the new normal , “he said.

In addition, reduced activity outside the home reduces transportation service operations, thereby reducing oil and gas demand. Therefore, it is not surprising that world oil prices have fallen dramatically due to sluggish demand.

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