Popular City Tour Locations in Tokyo Japan

Popular City Tour Locations in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Imperial Palace

For other historic sites visitors should not miss the Tokyo Imperial Palace. In this palace visitors will know the ins and outs of the empire in Japan. This place is a place that is visited by many tourists who come to Japan. Tokyo Imperial Palace is an area that is so vast and located in the Tokyo city library.

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Tourist attractions in Japan this one is surrounded by many rivers that add to the beauty of this palace. Inside the Japanese imperial palace there is a building called Edo Castle. The building was once made by the palace in the Tokugawa Shogun government that had ruled in Japan in 1603 until 1867.

Visitors who come there will be able to see a variety of interesting objects including the Imperial Residence, The Fukiage Omiya, the Imperial Household Agency Building and the last is the Nijubashi Bridge where the bridge is a connecting bridge between the entrance with the fortress called the Edo Tower.

To get there you just take the train and get off at Tokyo Central Station. To go to the palace you just walk for 10 minutes.

Location: 1-1 Chiyoda, Tokyo 100-8111, Japan

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Another interesting tourist spot in Kyoto is Arashiyama. It could be said that this tourist spot is a unique tourist spot in Kyoto. If tourist attractions in Kyoto are dominated by temples, Arashiyama is a tourist spot in the form of a bamboo forest. Pegunjung who come here can feel the shade and calmness.

The name Arashiyama itself means mountains. In this tourist spot, visitors can see the famous bridge, Togetsu Kyo. The bridge is a classic bridge that visitors can use to cross the Katsura River.

To go to these tourist attractions visitors can take a train on the Hankyu Line. Visitors can ride from Kawaramachi Station or at Umeda Station in Osaka. Visiting there you can enjoy the refreshing afternoon breeze on the edge of the Katsura River. You can also get peace and peace while you are there.

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