Japanese Conditions After Corona Emergency Unplacement and New Normal Enforce

Japanese Conditions After Corona Emergency Unplacement and New Normal Enforce

The day after Japan revoked the corona emergency status, residents were prepared to undergo a new normal life with corona virus.

In Tokyo, residents began taking to the streets to carry out activities outside the home after the corona emergency was lifted.

“I want to go for a drink and attend a concert,” Daisuke Tominaga, an office employee, told Reuters in Shibuya, one of the busiest areas in Tokyo.

A commuter user, Naoto Furuki, 45, said he had more passengers than usual. So he was somewhat worried that a second wave of corona outbreak would occur.

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“I’m still a little worried. Maybe there will be a second wave of this outbreak so we still need to be vigilant,” Furuki said.

While school children have entered school since last week by complying with preventive measures.

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike has warned against complacency. Everyone must also be familiar with new normal or new habits of teleworking and traveling until a vaccine or drug is developed.

Some companies choose not to fully enforce the situation as before the corona outbreak occurred. For example, companies are asked to keep working from home.

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Japanese electronics giant Sony, for example, only allows 30 percent of its employees to return to work in the office this June.

Hitachi employs 50 percent of all its employees to work from home.

“We will not return to our previous work style,” said Hidenobu Nakahata, executive officer of Hitaci.

“We will accelerate new work practices, making working from home a new standard.”

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Even Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said the corona virus can change the structure of a country’s industry and people’s behavior.

“It might be difficult to get back on the road before the plague strikes,” Kuroda told parliament.

When lockdown is strictly enforced in various countries, Japan does not force employers to close. Some companies even operate again even before the corona emergency status is revoked.

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