Wuhan “Heal” Make More Optimistic Other Countries in the World

Wuhan "SemCorona virus continues to mutate in Indonesiabuh" Membuat Semakin Optimis Negara Lain di Dunia
Wuhan “Heal” Make More Optimistic Other Countries in the World

Amid increasing Wuhan CoVid-19 virus throughout the world, many countries have begun to lockdown regions or entire countries. Compared to other countries, Wuhan City itself has gradually improved. In the last few days, there were no new special records from the hospital.

This makes the Chinese government will open the city of Wuhan on April 8, Wuhan announced the good news in the form of zero new cases for 6 consecutive days. This makes optimism for several other countries that are currently still struggling against the CoVid Virus 19.

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Wuhan City, China is said to be the origin of the Corona or Covid-19 virus. Wuhan City, with a population of 11 million, was previously isolated or locked down since January 22, 2020, with closure of access on all connecting and transportation lines. Followed by community restrictions on activities outside the home.

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