Covid-19 Impact: Large Airline Stocks in the World Drop in the Middle of Lockdown

World Airlines Tumble Up to 70% Affected by Corona

The world’s giant airlines cannot be separated from the selling action, in fact there are shares that plummeted more than 70%. But what’s interesting, the decline in Chinese airlines, which is the first country to implement a lockdown policy, the decline is much better than other giant airlines.

The following is the performance of the shares of the largest airline in the world by market capitalization (market cap), according to data from Statista as of July 2019.

Corona Virus Able to Tumble 70% of World Airlines Giant Stock

Delta Air Lines (DAL)

The airline from the United States has the largest market cap in the world, US $ 38.1 billion. Although the corona virus has “attacked” China since the end of 2019, DAL shares have only been affected since mid-February.

Massive selling hit the AMD in the period February 21 to March 18, when the AMD touched the level of US $ 19.1 / share, the lowest level since August 28, 2013.

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Thursday (4/23/2020) yesterday, DAL shares rose 0.04% to the level of US $ 22.48 / share, but year-to-date (YTD) had collapsed 61.56%

Southwest Airlines (LUV)

The second largest airline is still from the land of Uncle Sam. Southwest Airlines market capitalization of US $ 28.5 billion. Similar to Delta Air Lines, LUV shares were also hit by massive selling in the period from February 21 to March 18.

But still better than DAL, LUV touched its lowest level since October 2014 on Wednesday (4/22/2020) then when it dropped to US $ 28.8 / share.

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Last Thursday, LUV gained 1.45% to US $ 30.14 / share, while YTD ambels 44.16%.United Continental Holdings UAL
The airline with the third largest market cap in the world, US $ 23.3 billion, also originates from the US. Last Thursday, UAL shares fell 0.62% at US $ 25.72 / share and YTD on UAL shares subsided 70.8%. On 18 Marey, UAL shares touched US $ 17.8 / share, the lowest level since August 2012.

Ryanair Holdings (RYA)

The airline based in Irlaindia has a market cap of US $ 15.4 billion. Ryanair shares yesterday rose 1.91% at 9.6 pounds per share, and in YTD fell 34.38%. On March 23, RYA touched 8.05 pounds per share, the lowest level since November 2014.

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American Airlines Group (AAL)

Airlines with the fifth largest market cap, US $ 15.4 billion, again came from the US. Shares of American Airlines Group fell 0.19% yesterday at US $ 10.25 / share, while YTD fell 64.26%.

AAL shares on April 3 even touched US $ 9.09 / share which is the lowest level of all time since it was traded on Nasdaq in 2013.

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China Eastern Airlines

The airline’s market cap from China is US $ 14.8 billion. China Eastern shares fell 0.47% Thursday at 4.21 yuan per share. While on a YTD basis the stock fell by 27.54%.

As the home country of the corona virus, the decline in shares of China Eastern Airlines is considerably better than the US airline.

On March 23, China Eastern touched 4.12 yuan per share, the weakest level since November 2014.

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China Southtern Airlines

Still from China, China Southtern Airlines has a market cap of US $ 14.8 billion. Yesterday its shares fell 0.57% at 5.2 yuan per share, while on a YTD basis it fell 27.28%.

On March 19, China Southtern Airlines shares touched 5.05 yuan per share, the weakest level since March 2015.

International Airline

The airline, based in London, UK, has a market cap of US $ 14.4 billion. Yesterday its share price strengthened 0.09% at 224.9 pounds per share, while YTD fell 64.62%.

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On March 19, International Airlines shares touched a 195 pound sterling share per share, the lowest level since January 2013.Deutsche Lufthansa
The airline originating from Germany has a market cap of US $ 12.1 billion. Deutsche Lufthansa shares fell 0.56% yesterday at 7.606 euros per share, while YTD fell 52.43%. Yesterday its shares even touched 7.77 euros per share which is the lowest level since March 2009.

All Nippon Airways

With a market cap of US $ 12 billion, All Nippon Airways is the 10th largest airline. Its shares rose 0.51% Thursday to 2,366.5 yen per share, while YTD fell 35.02%.

On April 6, All Nippon Airways shares touched 2,060 yen per share, the weakest level since January 2014.

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