The Highest Percentage of Deaths in Indonesia after China

The Highest Percentage of Deaths in Indonesia after China

The number of confirmed covid-19 cases has risen to 1,986. This number added 196 new cases reported in the past 24 hours. According to Achmad Yurianto, a spokesman for the Covid-19 task force confirmed that there were 196 new cases in Indonesia.

The development of corona virus outbreaks in various Asian countries is also different. All countries use different methods and strategies to deal with the corona virus.

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All cases in Indonesia have been confirmed 181 people died, but the good is 134 patients have recovered.

The high percentage of Corona patient deaths in Indonesia which reached 9.11% also became foreign media coverage. Responding to the development of cases of corona infection which is increasingly widespread, a number of regions have established the status of emergency alert, emergency response.

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Some Regional Heads have formed a handling group for each region.

In Asia the highest number of deaths occurs in China. Some time ago South Korea experienced a high surge.

The number of patients dying in Indonesia is far above that of South Korea with 174 dead from 10,062 corona cases. If you look at the number of surges in Indonesia then there is a possibility that Indonesia will be the highest.

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