Seminyak Beach: Number Two Destination After Kuta

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Beaches in Bali In addition to Kuta, the most crowded by tourists is Seminyak Beach. There are many tourist destinations in Seminyak such as culinary, diving, spa centers, luxurious lodgings, and exciting night tours. Seminyak is the center of the hustle of Bali. Visitors there are also diverse from domestic tourists and foreign tourists.

Its very strategic location also makes Seminyak beach easy to reach. Because of its geographical location, the Seminyak beach is a complete blend of nature tourism. So in one coastal area complex which incidentally is close to the city but there is also a hill next to the beach.

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Seminyak Beach: Number Two Destination After Kuta Beach

Center of Culinary

It is well known to domestic and foreign tourists that Seminyak beach is the center of culinary in Bali. Many foods are sold along the Seminyak Beach. Western food, Italian, Japanese, and Indonesian special foods are often found in restaurants and food courts on the beach.

The area around Seminyak Beach is the Eating Street area. An area filled with ran resort restaurants that serve a variety of dishes from western food, Indonesian food and Italian food.

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Seminyak Beach: Number Two Destination After Kuta Beach

Seminyak Beach Accommodation

There is good news for tourists who will visit Bali, especially Seminyak beach. The cost of living in Seminyak is quite expensive compared to other tourist attractions in Bali. But for most of the tourist attractions cheap and often free for tourists.

The distance between the beach and Ngurah Rai Airport is very close. The road that must be taken is Ngurah Rai Airport Road, Ngurah Rai By Pass Road north, Sunset Road Road, Kunti I Road, Camplung Tanduk Street, Sarinande Street. Follow the main road from Jalan Sarinande, then you will arrive at Seminyak Beach in Bali.

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In addition to Jimbaran beach there are tours full of adrenaline. in Seminyak Beach there is also an adrenaline tour. bungee jumping and also surfing off the beach.

Bungee Jumping in this area is very beachfront, you can get there by walking. But before you decide to try bungee jumping please prepare mentally and also courage first. Because not infrequently tourists who end up not so jumping. Hehehe.

Seminyak Beach: Number Two Destination After Kuta Beach

After trying bungee jumping then you want to joke and have fun with your friends. You can immediately move to a beach area that provides surfing equipment rentals.

There is no doubt, the view of Bali is the best. the beaches are still green. Fairly heavy waves. And finally the under water tour is second to none in the world.

Have fun friends in Bali. Don’t forget to keep clean and your attitude when you travel, right !

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