Rank 2 Most Corona Virus Infected, Russia Threatened

Rank 2 Most Corona Virus Infected, Russia Threatened

The number of cases of corona virus in Russia continues to grow until the number exceeds Spain and Italy, the country that had ranked first.

Based on Johns Hopkins University calculations, CNN reported the number of corona cases in Russia reached 232,243 and placed the country in the second highest position in the world after the United States.

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According to JHU, Russia currently has 2,116 deaths due to corona. While the US alone confirmed 1,369,574 cases and 82,376 deaths.

Then Spain 228,030 cases and Italy 221,216.

Meanwhile, based on Worldometer statistics, Russia ranks third with the most cases, just below Spain which has 269,520.

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Russia is currently experiencing a bleak period due to being hit by a corona virus outbreak after 10 consecutive days of reporting more than 10,000 new cases in one day.

Not only residents, Covid-19 also attacked a number of Russian officials.

Three cabinet members namely Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, Culture Minister Olga Lyubimova, and Housing Minister Vladimir Yakushev, were infected with the corona virus.

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Recently a Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, was rushed to hospital due to being infected with the corona virus.

Although the Corona case continues to surge, President Vladimir Putin has relaxed the restrictions on restrictions. The Kremlin ended the period of not working in all sectors of the economy on Tuesday (12/5) local time

As residents return to work. Mass activities are still prohibited and the implementation of strict sanitation policies is still being watched.

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The Kremlin began implementing work bans for public non-sector workers from the end of March to suppress the spread of the corona virus outbreak. Nevertheless, they will still be paid.

That policy creates uncertainty in the Iron Curtain State’s economy. Moreover, the Russian economy has also been rocked by falling oil prices.

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